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Secrets of Content Marketing World: Agent Pam Didner, Intel

Posted on Aug 27th, 2012
Written by Lee Odden
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    Pam Didner - Content Marketing World Secret Agent

    Here’s the second in our series of Content Marketing World interviews. This time we’ve uncovered a secret stash of worldly wisdom from one of the most sought after global content marketing experts, Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Manager at Intel.  Pam will be presenting at Content Marketing World on managing global, multi-lingual content on a large scale that will be a must see session for anyone involved with content marketing internationally.

    Let’s dive right into our interview with Pam where she shares her secrets on the evolution of content marketing, where it fits in the B2B marketing mix, her session on global content management and how large enterprise organizations can scale long term content creation. Enjoy! But shhhhh, remember: It’s a secret.

    As Global Integrated marketing Manage for Intel Corp, how has your work with content marketing evolved during your career? What do you think about all the recent buzz about content? How do you distinguish between the hype and the signal?

    When I started, we focused more on creative development, less on content, very much a traditional marketing approach. With the development of an editorial calendar, we gradually moved to be more topic and content-driven. In the past, creative led, content followed. Now, content leads, creative follows or, at least, content is as equally important as creative.

    I am pleased to see content marketing in the spotlight. With social and search, people are out there constantly researching and evaluating your products. You need to keep a finger on pulse of changing environment. A lot of marketing fundamentals still stay the same: we still need to have awesome products or services, compelling product value-propositions and messaging, due-diligence market research, solid marketing plans and flawless execution. The way we formulate our marketing strategy stays the same, but the focus is on putting customers at the center of an experience and telling a story of how technologies change their lives. Content marketing is no longer hype.

    How would you define content marketing to someone that is new to the idea?

    There is a saying “Content is king.” Everybody understands what that means. The way I define content, in simplest terms, is what story you want to tell about your company or your products.

    Your session “Managing Global, Multi-Lingual Content on a Large Scale” will address some of the challenges associated with taking content global. What are 3 of the primary takeaways from your Content Marketing World presentation that you think are most important?

    First of all, your geo counterparts are your BFFs. They understand their markets. Seek their feedback. Also bear in mind that you can’t make every geo manager happy. If you can’t satisfy their request, be able to explain why. Second, a clear service level agreement between you and geos is essential. Clearly understand who owns what. Third, jointly develop the content roadmap and have a clear understanding of what content will be produced and how to measure the success.

    Where do you see content fitting in with the overall digital marketing mix for most large B2B technology companies? Do you think content should lead or follow with most digital marketing strategies?

    Content should lead the digital marketing strategies. Determine what stories you want to tell, then determine the right format and marketing mix to communicate your stories. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the marketing mix first.e.g Pinterest is hot. We need to be on Pinterest. Sit back and figure out what you want to communicate, then determine the right channel and right format.

    Many large enterprise companies are challenged to create new content on an extended basis. Can you provide 3 tips for managing long term, effective content creation for digital marketing?

    First of all, an editorial calendar is essential. Secondly, as long as you can find stories that resonate with your audiences, then you can create content. Stories are everywhere, the key thing is to listen and observe. Be open-minded. Thirdly, reach out to different groups (internal) and customers (external), or even your management. For examples, challenges on product development, customer testimonials and founding father’s stories, even company values. Frankly, there is a lot to talk about.

    Content Marketing Institute’s study earlier this year mentions that most B2B companies are using content marketing tactics to grow their business. While content marketing has a high adoption rate with B2B companies, many are still having difficulty earning internal support. What advice can you offer on winning upstream executive approval for content marketing initiatives?

    Show them industry data/benchmarks, then create a strategy with clear objectives and detailed tactics. Document what needs to be done, what you need from management and how will you measure success. Most importantly, provide timely updates to management regarding your progress, successes, failures and results. Winning executive approval is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep trying and don’t give up.

    What’s one content marketing secret that you would like to share with Content Marketing World attendees?

    Stories are told by people. Find your dream team: An imaginary copy writer, a wicked creative director, an ingenious editor and a go-getter integrated marketing manager who can bring your campaigns to life.

    Mission accomplished Agent Didner, aka “Agent #5”.

    To check out Pam’s session Sept 5th at 3:10pm “Managing Global, Multi-Lingual Content on a Large Scale”, visit the Content Marketing World website and get all the info you need from location (Columbus, OH) to date (Sept 4-6) to the agenda and registration.

    Also be sure to check out the TopRank session on the future of optimization: “Optimize and Socialize for Better Content Marketing” – Sept 6 – 3:05-3:50pm (Content Creation & Optimization Track).

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    What’s your best content marketing secret?
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