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SES Chicago Keynote with Danny Sullivan

Posted on Dec 6th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Keynote Day 2 of Search Engine Strategies with Danny Sullivan

    Danny says keynotes should be inspiring.

    How are we (search marketers) viewed? 
    Shows photo of guy wearing spam shirt and drinking a beer.

    Shows quotes from various sources characterizing SEOs as:  Worthless, shady, criminals, cockroaches

    Who to blame?  

    Blach Hats:
    Blog spamming, keyword stuffing, content thieves, cloaking

    But consider some contradictions:

    • Some news sources are allowed to cloak
    • Large respected pubs selling links
    • Web site of respected blog software maker hosting spam pages

    White Hats:
    Algorithm ingnorant, simple tips overselling, industry best practices


    • Simple tips aren’t simple to people who don’t know
    • Working with designers and others to do content SEO is a skill

    Black arts dabbling, unldear line waslking, low margin grubbing, non paid search practitioners


    • Paid search is boring with no creativity
    • There’s something other than search such as WOMMA
    • Successful organic puts people in the prime position that money can;’t buy

    Search Advertisers
    Machine driven, money rules all thinkging, getting all the search engine attention, new to the market,


    • Paid search isn’t fickle about algorithm changes
    • Without paid search, search engines might not be able to offer organic for free
    • Paid search is so measurable

    United by Search:
    Gives example, movie "Stripes" – audience doesn’t get it

    We’re all very different people
    Search is made up of black hats, white hats, organic, paid, and subsets of that

    It’s a good time to be in search

    • Search in all forms is high in demand
    • Search marketers are having difficulty in hiring search marketing staff
    • Search marketing popularity now is not a bubble:
    • Search is a fundamental advertising medium like TV, radio, print and outdoors
    • Search will continue to evolve and become more and more pervasive – which means

    Increasing opportunies for search marketers
    Search is not going away, it’s just going to get bigger and bigger


    • Mailing lists:  I-Search (dead now), SEM 2.0, Search Return
    • Conferences:  SES, Pubcon, Ad:tech
    • Forums, WMW, Digital Point, SEW, HighRankings
    • Blogs: SE Roundtable, SEO Book, Threadwatch
    • Organizations: SEMPO, SMA, Dallas, Atlanta

    Cites Ian Turner who went missing at an Atlanta Pubcon. People responded en masse to act. Cross community effort.

    Who else is part of our community:
      Yahoo, Google

    Shows example of Barry Schwartz who asked his giflfriend to marry him via Ask Jeeves.

    Community Rewards:

    • Weather reports are getting more regular
    • Things like nofollow to give more control over our pages
    • Google sitemaps
    • Yahoo site explorer
    • Google sitemaps stats
    • Google base

    Danny loves all this, but he wants more:
    Blogging community can monitor new links in Google blog search – why isn’t that possible in regular web search?

    • Yahoo Site Explorer should allow export of more urls
    • URL feeds are fine, but expand into content feeds
    • Ad reps should be friends, not foes – Ad Reps taking accounts away.

    How Outsiders Recognize the Community

    Shows example of Bruce Clay – looks like a mug shot. Article "hawking" seo
    Another example of Lucas Morea as a successful entreprenuer. SEO different, but unusual

    Search Engine Ad Rep Problems Remain:
    Despite gains, some will still see search marketers as "used car salespeople"

    Two challenges:  

    • Scummy companies
    • Trespassing content

    End to comment and link spam – not just blogs, but anywhere adding a link does not add value. Say no to FFA, guest books, etc
    – Google page rank lunacy article by Mike Grehan

    Shows example:  memorial guestbook viagra

    Search Marketers are the Foot Soldiers of Search
    You are search marketers, hear you roar, in numbers too big to ignore


    • Put yourself "on the map"
    • 2006 is promising
    • Pick a day for "Search Marketing Day"
    • NYC SES is "Search Week"

    Danny thinks there should be a "SEM Apprentice" – names Frederick Markini as the "Donald Trump of
    Search" Need to raise the reputation of search.

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