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SES New York and the Industry That Never Seems to Sleep

Posted on Feb 26th, 2008
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    New York CityNext month I’m heading to New York to blog the SES NY conference for Online Marketing Blog where Lee is speaking on the “Beyond Linkbait: Getting Authoritative Online Mentions” panel with newly elected SEMPO board member Chris Boggs and PR veteran Sally Falkow.

    I’m over-the-moon excited to attend and have stumbled upon a tiny connection between the host city and the conference.

    The industry that never sleeps will be placed smack in the middle of the city that never sleeps. While I’m not sure what kind of cosmic connection to make of this (and it’s not the first time so I’m pretty sure the earth won’t start spiraling toward the sun), I am curious to see how it all goes down and to share my insights with you.

    Not only does the industry never sleep, but the people in the industry rarely sleep either. Whether this is because we’re all keeping up with the latest and greatest info or it’s just our personalities, I’m convinced that this is one of the traits that makes our industry great. Or what will cause us to go grey too early, have cookies and coffee as dietary staples and be able to document the sleeping patterns of coworkers simply be looking at the timestamps on emails!

    Eventually, we all find the time to sleep a bit. However, when I do, I often find myself dreaming about work, conducting client meetings (hey – we can all use the practice right?) and coming up with creative ways to take a client to the next level. I call this ‘Weaming’: the combination of working and dreaming.

    This is usually the place where good ideas are most likely to cement themselves, in my brain anyway, so here are just some of the sessions I’m excited to attend at SES NY and Weam about.

    Redefining the Customer
    Universal, Personal & Local Search? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Podcasts? Social Media? Web 2.0? Businesses are struggling to demystify communications as a new generation of digital possibilities evolve. The customers are clearly in control. The voice of the consumer has never been so easy to find and so hard to decode. Bryan Eisenberg deciphers their messages and explains the evolving new world of marketing, customer loyalty, consumer generated content and social media. Let Bryan teach you how to take advantage of this opportunity to join the conversation. He will show you how to persuade these redefined customers as they ignore marketing.

    Video Made the SMB Star

    Given universal search, search engines increasingly favor video content in search engine results pages (SERPs). What are the opportunities for small businesses to begin to utilize the power of video to drive traffic to their sites? A new breed of local video producers are leading the way and lowering the barriers to become a local video star.

    Web Analytics: Measuring Success

    How do you know if you’ve been successful with search engines and your website in general? You can check your “rank” at search engines for particular keywords, analyze log files to see the actual terms people used to reach your web site or make the ultimate jump and “close the loop” by measuring sales conversions and return-on-investment (ROI). This panel explores both classical and newer “cutting edge” techniques to measure success, what statistics you should really care about, ways to be more strategically focused, and how to drive increased revenue for your business.

    Ads in a Quality Score World
    More and more, ranking well in paid search listings is less about how much you pay and more about the “quality” of your ad campaign. But what goes into making up your quality score? In this panel, a closer look at quality factors and tips on increasing the perceived relevancy of your campaigns

    Orion Panel: Universal Search
    Search result multiplicity is not a new phenomenon, but recent advancements will guarantee the world of search and marketing will be changing forever. Before you attend this week’s optimization and best practices sessions, hear from industry gurus about how search, marketing and information seeking is changing the industry that follows the search. Our ongoing series on universal search will include research data available only at SES.

    During SES New York I’ll be posting daily commentary, industry info and photos of the event, so be sure to check back and get the scoop. Better yet register by Feb. 29th and receive the early bird discount (a savings of 150 dollars).

    SES New York Details
    March 17-20, 2008
    Hilton, New York

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