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SES San Jose: 7 Proven Ways to Get Your Website on Page 1 Organically & Then Convert

Posted on Aug 19th, 2008
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  • SES San Jose: 7 Proven Ways to Get Your Website on Page 1 Organically & Then Convert
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    Shawn MooreThis sponsored session was an entry level overview of what websites should be doing on their website to get visibility and rankings in search engines.

    Here are the 7 Proven Ways to get Your Website on Page 1 Organically & then Convert as stated by the presenter Shawn Moore.

    1. Content is King
      What your content says, what your images and video show not only give users a first impression, but those items are also important to how a search engine is going to interpret your website.
    2. Navigation and Architecture
      Looking into the way that your menus and internal linking structure are important. Can the web crawlers see and index your navigation? Or is it in JavaScript or Flash that may not be as search friendly?
    3. Blogs
      Using a blog is just another way to generate more content for the search engines to index and use to rank your website.
    4. Quality and Keyword Rich Inbound Links
      The number of links you have is important, but the quality of those links is more important. Get links from relevant sites and ensure that those links are using keyword phrases and not just your website address or business name.
    5. Database
      Shawn said that choosing the right database for your site is important. Some are not search engine friendly and that choosing the wrong one will cause lots of issues down the line.
    6. Electron Press Releases or Optimized Releases
      These releases give your site more exposure in search engines and the keyword rich links in the content can help increase your rankings.
    7. Domain Name Strategy
      It was recommended that, if you can, choose a domain name with keyword phrases in it as it’ll give an added boost in search engines. You can also purchase additional domain names and forward them onto your website. Try thinking about what a user may type into the address bar of their browser and then register that domain for easy access.

    Some of the tips are well known, others were a bit questionable to me. I’m still trying to figure out how a certain type of database can hurt a site as it’s all about how the content is displayed on that page and the URLs used that is the part to be concerned with.

    Overall, the session was a good one for those just starting out in the industry.

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