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SES San Jose Expo Hall Photos

Posted on Aug 19th, 2008
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    Today the Expo Hall at SES San Jose opened. Time to collect astronomical amounts of swag and drop your business card to win a free iPhone! The expo hall every year is full of some of the best products and services available for any online marketing team, and this year was absolutely no different.

    SES San Jose Expo Hall

    This year they are giving away a pretty sweet Mazda3. If press were allowed to enter, I would definitely be taking this car home with me.


    The Google booth is always one of the biggest and brightest booth of them all. They are offering tours of Google Analytics this year, for the conference goers to learn and use later.

    SES San Jose Expo Hall

    Not to be outdone, Yahoo! booth had a flashy purple couch and what looked like a secret back room. TopRank was unable to penetrate the security to get back there for a more in depth photo.

    SES San Jose Expo Hall

    Here is the Omniture SmartCar. We each got a mini version of it – unfortunately the only car I will be taking home with me

    Chuck the SEO Rapper

    I feel the need to meet this Chuck – I wonder what his raps talk about?


    This is clearly one of the most popular booths every year, and some pretty great guys from Montreal.


    Here is my girl Li Evans keeping in touch with the entire world while hanging out at the Webmaster Radio booth

    SES San Jose Expo Hall

    This guy was not only wearing a blue shirt (the SES San Jose uniform) but he jazzed it up a notch with some fantastic lederhosen.

    Long Tail Dogs

    Here are the Long Tail dogs. These are a pretty fun toy, but a pretty big distraction for some of us.

    TopRank Employees Getting Gear

    And Jessica, myself and Ashley hit up a booth to grab a new tshirt

    SES Expo Hall

    Great job setting up the expo hall again! I will be spending more time there later on today, I’m sure.