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Session – Drive Traffic with Google

Posted on Dec 4th, 2006
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    This was more of a speed intro to some of Google’s newer services. Topics included Google Analytics, Google Gadgets, Webmaster Tools and Personalized Search. Each presenter gave a quick 10 minute overview of their topic and it was hardly enough to really get to know much about each service. The real value of this session was in the question answer portion. I learned that Google’s personalized search is going to offer analytics in the upcoming weeks so that you can see what people are looking for in your custom search. Customized Google Analytics reports are also being discussed, however it’s hard to say when that may become a reality.

    They also made a point to say ‘come and ask me questions’ at their booth. That’s what I’m saving my questions for as it they are a bit more complex than can be answered in the Q&A area. I do know though that I’m going toinvestigate Google Gadgets a bit more as a traffic driving opportunity.