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Shiny New Google Chrome

Posted on Sep 2nd, 2008
Written by Lee Odden
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    There’s already a ton of buzz on this but it’s potentially a big change for the web as John Battelle called it, “This Is Web OS, Make No Mistake“. Google’s release plans (in comic book form) for their new web browser were first posted by Phillip Lenssen with follow up by Google Blog and many others including Google’s Matt Cutts.

    Outside of a better browser that is to run faster and more securely, the search engine marketing side of this story is that Microsoft’s new browser MISE 8 is to have functionality capable of blocking text ads, such as Google ads.

    According to a story on Google Chrome and implications related to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by AP:

    “Google is worried that Microsoft could abuse its power by manipulating Internet Explorer’s default settings in a way that might diminish traffic to Google’s search engine, which serves as the hub of the largest online ad network.”

    “In 2006, Google contacted the Justice Department to raise alarms about changes to Internet Explorer that Google believed made it more difficult to install search toolbars made by Microsoft’s rivals. Although regulators decided not to intervene, Microsoft subsequently modified the way Explorer handled the selection of search toolbars.”

    If Google can attract another 10% or more browser market share on top of what Firefox already has, they’ll be in a somewhat better spot should Microsoft decide to block or affect Google ads from displaying. Who can blame Google for attempting to protect their revenue stream? Also, if the web gets a better browser or at least an alternative, the better for everyone.

    However, that’s still only 20% or so of the browser market share and Google would need a lot more than that if they want to truly protect the browser traffic and their ad network of sites receives.

    It has been posted that downloads of Google Chrome should become available sometime on Tuesday.