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Small Business Marketing Book

Posted on Jan 22nd, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    My blogging and marketing friend, John Jantsch has been providing practical marketing advice to businesses large and small long before I ever started blogging. Actually, it was in part because of John that I started contributing to and Business Blog Consulting.

    John has long been a trailblazer at using blogs as a marketing tool via Duct Tape Marketing blog and I will readily admit, I have watched John for quite a while to learn his methods of blog promotion. A marketer’s marketer, John’s advice has been highly valuable as we’ve grown our small business.

    Many small businesses find the task of marketing a difficult one and it’s that challenge that led John to write his new book, “Duct Tape Marketing ‚Äì The World‚Äôs Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide”. John recently sent me a review copy and I thought I’d share a brief description of it.

    In case you’re not familiar with John Jantsch, he has been mentioned many prominent business publications including: Inc, Entrepreneur, Fortune Small Business, and Business Week. His blog and web site were named a Forbes favorite for small business and marketing and he’s won Marketing Sherpa’s best blog on small business marketing for several years in a row.

    Needless to say (oops, I’ve already said it) John is a reputable guy and a smart marketer.

    The Duct Tape Marketing book is broken into three sections:

    • The basics of gaining customer trust ‚Äì Defining ideal clients and creating a core marketing message
    • Duct Tape Marketing system components, small business advertising, referral marketing and public relations
    • Create a powerful marketing plan and the actions to go with it

    The book also does a good job of dispelling a lot of the marketing hocus-pocus that challenges so many small businesses by offering marketing advice in a practical and straight forward way. Even search marketers need help with marketing (I know, my PR/marketing has been hired by a few) so check out John’s book at Amazon: Duct Tape Marketing.

    (I was not paid to write this mini-review nor are there any affiliate links – it’s a great book!)