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SMX Advanced 2008 Wrap Up

Posted on Jun 5th, 2008
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    Working hard at SMX Advanced

    With all the sessions, speakers, networking and photo-snapping going on in the last 2 days at SMX Advanced in Seattle, it’s surprising any attendee got anything else completed at all.

    While I didn’t attend every session (can’t be in three places at once – just not possible for this girl :)) I managed to get to quite a few where I learned a lot of valuable information and got a feel for what everyone was talking about.

    The main theme I noticed in Seattle this week was the idea of value, and how to increase value. With the idea of the recession looming over our heads like a dark cloud, there are many people who want to see their dollar going as far as it can.

    Search Marketing and Surviving a Recession this morning talked mentioned the idea of getting the biggest bang for your buck; the highest value for your marketing dollars. The session Building Value for your SEM Business focused on how to increase this value for your clients so the clients feel they are getting the most out of what they are paying the SEM agency. By involving the client in training and execution and giving something unique back to the client, the agency is increasing their sense of value to the client.

    Assigning value to the services performed by any company – and then delivering well beyond those services to increase that value – can help the company move well through this economic downturn and grow in the future.

    And check out a couple more pictures from SMX today! It was a great conference, and I look forward to upcoming SMX events!

    International SEO

    International SEO panel

    Morning time in the conference center

    SMX Advanced attendees working hard, blogging and Twittering between sessions…

    Work work work

    …and blogging and Twittering during sessions

    SMX Advanced Expo Hall

    A final visit to the Expo Hall

    I had a great picture of myself Twittering the conference, but my camera died before I could upload it. I’ll get it online soon, so follow me @dlarson15 for updates!