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How to Tame the Wild Wild West of Social Media Reputation

Posted on Aug 15th, 2017
Written by Debbie Friez
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    In the Wild, Wild West of Social Media Digital Reputation, employees create social accounts without governance. But, are they on brand?

    At the Digital Summit Minneapolis, #DSMPLS, Casey Hall,Thomson Reuters, shared a process for taming the horses and adding governance to the stable.

    The Audit

    Start by searching your company name and all variations of it, says Hall. You can use a simple spreadsheet or a database to keep track of the channel name, followers, last activity, link and log if there were any brand issues.

    Once you have found all the rogue channels, you need to determine if it is a relevant channel or if it needs to move to the takedown.

    The Takedown

    If possible, find the employee and ask them to take down the account. If that is not possible, try messaging the account. Hall found many times the person who owned the channel would take down the channel before they had any more correspondence.

    If needed, you can try to recover the password by submitting a ticket to the platform, and if the account was started with an official corporate email, it is often recoverable. Hall recommended contacting their representative at the channel helped expedite the takedown.

    Best Practices

    Give people training and they’ll be open to following the rules says Hall. Thomson Reuters created a Digital Oversight Committee to review best practices and provide training.  The oversight committee included representatives from –

    • Social leads
    • Creative
    • Brand
    • Legal/Privacy
    • Digital Leads
    • Communications

    Get the Tools

    Find a tool to allow the enterprise organization to manage their social channels. They now have creative services department create and allow access to others. Rogue accounts will still happen, but less often.


    The key is to provide governance to employees. Hall says you need to empower your oversight committee to provide guidance and governance to the organization. At Thomson Reuters, anyone who wants to start a new channel needs to fill-out an application on why and what KPIs they will report. Sometimes, the committee will recommend partnering with a channel that is already in place, which provides new content for that channel.

    The oversight committee monitors the use of the channels, and if there is inactivity, they will cull the channel.

    Finally, Hall reminds us to continue monitoring. New accounts and channels will continue to appear. But, if you continue to be diligent and monitor, the horses will not get out of stable, again.

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