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StumbleUpon FeedFlare

Posted on Mar 13th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    StumbleUpon LogoFeedBurner has an easy way of promoting a blog post though FeedFlare. FeedFlare simply adds a few social options to each post. You can choose to add a Digg link, link, ’email this post’ option, share on Facebook and a few other handy choices. However, there are many more possibilities as you can create custom FeedFlares.

    The other day Danny Sullivan put together one for StumbleUpon. He said it was quite easy as even a non-techie like himself can do it.

    Here is how you’d get the StumbleUpon FeedFlare working for your site:

    1. Log into your FeedBurner account.
    2. Click on your feed.
    3. Click on the Optimize tab.
    4. Click on FeedFlare
    5. Copy this URL and past it into the ‘Add new Flare’ box.
    6. Hit the ‘Add new Flare’ button and you’re done.

    It is really simple to add and helps give your blog one more area for added exposure.

    Have you created a FeedFlare? Or know where to get more custom ones? If so, do share.