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New Technorati Is Hot, But Still Flawed

Posted on May 23rd, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Technorati LogoI’ve been a big fan of Technorati since the beginning, but once it tried to become the ‘one stop shop’ for social media search, I’ve strayed. I don’t care about videos, pictures and audio. I really want just a good blog search. So I switched to Google Blog Search. With the new design though, my want to use Technorati is coming back.

    One big reasons for leaving, other than all the extra social stuff, was that when I subscribed to an RSS feed, it kept telling me the some post was new every time I checked my feeds. I haven’t signed up for any new Technorati feeds lately as Google Blog Search has that down.

    My other big issue use to be how slow it was, or how it kept erroring out, during searches. It’s nice to see that with the recent re-launch, the site search speed seems better. However, the search results are still not working correctly.

    I did a blog search for toprankblog and came up with 47 blogs and 5 pages of search results. However, when I get to page 2, I get only one result. When I get to page 3, I get “There are no Technorati blogs about toprankblog.” For some reason, Technorati only shows 11 out of 47 blog results.

    If the site search speed and reliability stays up, and the photos, videos and audio don’t turn me away, I’ll start coming back. However, Google Blog Search is simple and to the point. Kind of like Technorati use to be.