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Three Erics, Two Daves a Drew and a Barry

Posted on Jul 22nd, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Eric Enge says Link Building is a Permanent Investment and I wholeheartedly agree

    Another Eric (Holter) has posted his Websmart Newsletter in video format and provides a nice introductory explanation of web analytics (Urchin and Google Analytics) and how you can use that information for site SEO.

    Yet another Eric (Marcoullier) says goodbye to MyBlogLog. Congrats on your success Eric and enjoy your family!

    David Wilson of Braveheart Design posts a great interview with Rohit Bhagava on social media optimization.

    Dave Winer argues that Feedburner is trouble because of their dominant position in the feed management space and I agree with his point that it would be ideal if there were more choices, if there was any kind of competition. Although, I think it matters more what Google does with acquired companies rather than their previous market position.

    Drew Stauffer offers up a niche marketing 101 post which would be even better with some practical examples. This is advice I need to take myself.

    Barry Schwartz’s new multi-blog author management tool, RustyBudget, received some very nice coverage on Techcrunch this weekend. Barry demo’d the tool with me last week and it looks like a great tool if you manage multiple blogs and/or blog authors. RustyBudget allows you to easily manage story assignments and disposition using a Ajax powered interface.