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So Long, San Diego! Top Takeaways From #SMMW19

Posted on Mar 26th, 2019
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Have you ever experienced the post-party blues?

    You know that feeling you have when the party has died down and everyone has gone home? The good news is, for years you’ll be left with the great memories of the things you learned and time you spent together (even if it was brief) long after the party ends.

    While I was sad to leave sunny San Diego and the amazing marketers that I got to see and meet at Social Media Marketing World last week, I’m happy to have walked away with some incredible insights and deeper connections.

    For those of you who were watching from afar (or attended but weren’t able to catch every session), I’ve included some top insights from the conference below. So, strap on your marketing (party) hat and join the festivities!

    Snackable Insights From SMMW Speakers

    Three days filled with learning can be overwhelming, to say the least. So if you’re in the snackable mood, I’ve included some of our favorite speaker quotables below to get your marketing minds turning:

    Event Coverage From TopRank Marketing

    Adding Purpose & Focus Into Your Content Strategy

    Even as more and more brands are embracing content strategy, too many of them still lack the focus and purpose to be truly successful. Robert Rose shares four content marketing business models to get your content back on track.


    Drop Digital Distractions

    Brian Solis at Social Media Marketing World 2019

    How hard would it be for you to put down your devices and ignore digital distractions? Brian Solis unlocks the possibilities and ideas for helping us focus on what is truly important.


    Create Newsletters Your Audience Wants

    If you don’t want your newsletters to be tossed in the email trash can, follow these top tips from Ann Handley on creating a kick-ass newsletter your audience wants to read.


    Building a Fast Blogging Framework

    Chris Brogan at Social Media Marketing World 2019

    If humans are only reading 19 minutes per day, that means your blog content needs to be to the point and uncomplicated. Chris Brogan shares his framework for creating read-worthy content.


    Customer Service as a Marketing Opportunity

    Average or below average customer engagements just won’t cut it today. Customer service expert Shep Hyken shares his top advice for how to master the customer experience.


    Attribution Analysis for Marketers

    Are you armed with the right data to answer the tough questions about the impact of your marketing approach? Chris Penn shares 5 models for better attribution.


    Augmented Reality & Its Place in Marketing

    What are the different ways that you can place your content in front of your customers? By teaching you how to embrace immersive experiences, Cathy Hackl shares the endless possibilities.


    Blockchain for Marketers

    Think that things like blockchain and cryptocurrency don’t impact you? Think again! Travis Wright and Joel Comm share insights into how big these emergency technologies really are.

    What Were Your Most Memorable SMMW Moments?

    Thank you to all of the amazing speakers, conference organizers and attendees that made this a fantastic event!

    I’m curious to know, what were your favorite Social Media Marketing World moments?