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The TopRank Marketing Team Gives Thanks

Posted on Nov 26th, 2015
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Before you dig into the turkey, mashed potatoes and my personal favorite, stuffing, the team at TopRank Marketing would like to take a moment to give thanks.

    In the word cloud above, you get a glimpse into what many of our team members are thankful for. We would also like to thank you our readers for consuming and sharing the content that we work hard to create. Also, a huge thanks to our awesome clients for entrusting us with their digital marketing strategy.

    In addition to asking our team members what they are thankful for personally, I also wanted to shine a light on who has inspired them or they are thankful for on our own team, below are some of their responses:

    Alexis Hall – Director of Client Accounts

    I am thankful for the opportunity to work with all of TopRank Marketing’s awesome clients. Everyday I get the opportunity to work with super smart marketers at great brands on a variety of really exciting campaigns.

    Amie Krone – Operations Manager

    I’m thankful to have a team willing to always go above and beyond and help one another and our clients out no matter what is needed. I am thankful for the ability to learn and grow every day. There is always something new and challenging at TopRank Marketing which I find exciting.

    Ashley Zeckman – Director of Agency Marketing

    What a loaded (baked potato) question! In my career, I have never worked with a team like the one at TopRank Marketing. I am constantly surrounded by some of the smartest people that I’ve ever encountered and count myself lucky to be able to collaborate with them on a daily basis. Additionally, there are a few people that I would like to personally thank:

    • Alexis Hall: Watching the way that you interact with and service clients, you know this is what you were born to do.
    • Emily Paulson: Your energy and creativity has been inspiring.
    • Evan Prokop: Each time I meet with you, I learn something new.
    • Jolina Pettice: Seeing the quantity of quality work that you consistently manage is magical.
    • Josh Nite: Your can-do attitude and amazing way with words has made you an incredibly awesome team member to collaborate with.
    • Lee Odden: Thank you for the effort and time you have put into teaching me how to be a better marketer, and constantly raising the bar on what it is that we do.

    Ben Brausen – Social Media Lead

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with awesome clients and the chance to stay on top of the ever changing world of social media. Exploring new opportunities across the digital marketing realm is always interesting and a great learning experience.

    Caitlin Burgess – Content Marketing Lead

    I am incredibly thankful for my wonderful account managers Leila De La Fuente, Emily Bachelor, and Alexis Hall. They’re all thoughtful, helpful and positive, making it a joy to come to work every day.

    Chelsey Wentz – Content Marketing Lead

    I am extremely thankful for everyone that I have worked with in my first few months at TopRank Marketing. I knew I would enjoy the spirit of this team just based on my first few trainings with Shaya Clark. I have had the pleasure of working with many of my co-workers on a daily basis on multiple client projects, but have truly appreciated Emily Paulson’s upbeat attitude, zest for learning and natural ability to help others learn around her.

    Debbie Friez – Social Media Lead

    I am so thankful I have the opportunity to learn every day at TopRank Marketing. I work with smart, fun people who are open to sharing their incredible knowledge with me and our clients. I love how Sue Misukanis makes me laugh and pushes me to be better every day.

    Douglas Fehlen – Content Marketing Lead

    I appreciate all of the talented, dedicated people here who I get to learn from every single day. I’m especially thankful to Susan Misukanis, whose passion for great content is inspiring and whose generous guidance makes me a better marketer. I’m also grateful for the chance to see visionary Lee Odden continually re-set the bar for marketing mastery.

    Emily Bacheller – SEO Lead

    I am thankful for Alexis who always asks me what challenges I’m facing and offers me actionable advice to overcome obstacles. Meetings with Alexis leave me feeling positive and help me proceed with confidence!

    Emily Paulson – Content Marketing Manager

    One of the many things I’m thankful for at TopRank Marketing is the people. They’re smart, funny, and kind. I’m especially grateful to learn from our Vice President, Jolina Pettice. Not only is she super likeable, but she’s also a marketing badass. A kitchen filled with endless snacks doesn’t hurt, either.

    Evan Prokop – Digital Marketing Manager

    I’m most thankful for our fantastic book of clients. Throughout the time I’ve been with TopRank Marketing, one of my favorite aspects of the job has been getting to dive in to each client’s industry, target audience and unique offerings (because that’s an essential prerequisite to being able to provide effective consulting). Each one presents a unique set of challenges, learning opportunities and the chance to get a little bit better at my job. The fact that I get to ‘sharpen the saw’ while helping them to meet their digital marketing objectives is a win-win in my book.

    Jesse Pickrain – Content Marketing Manager

    I’m thankful for the entire TopRank Marketing team. That may seem like a cheesy answer, but it’s the truth. When you work in an environment that fosters learning and compassion, making clients happy is second nature.

    Jolina Pettice – Vice President

    I am very thankful for both the clients, and incredible team members that I get to work with each day. It’s so energizing to be around talented people that genuinely care about driving results!

    Josh Nite – Content Marketing Lead

    The “garage band” team – Debbie, Emily P., Chelsey, Joel and Douglas. We have great camaraderie back here. Everyone helps each other, we can take a minute to chat about our personal lives, and we can always share a laugh or two to brighten our days.

    Amie and Shaya, who work behind the scenes to give us a great employee experience and build our corporate culture.

    Lee and Sue, who have a clear vision for the company and aren’t stingy with sharing it with us.

    Jolina, Jesse, and Knute, who make sure I know what I’m doing now, what I should do next, and who have helped me immeasurably in my personal career development.

    Ashley, who keeps the company running in a number of arcane ways, makes the TopRank Marketing blog rule, and keeps inviting me to collaborate on cool stuff.

    Evan, Kevin, and Julia, who are always willing to share their crazy techie knowledge.

    The whole team. Everyone is supportive, positive, and generous with praise.

    Julia Ramos – SEO Copywriter

    I’m really grateful for everyone I work with. I especially appreciate Leila who is easy to work with, has great listening skills, and who enables collaboration across job functions. I also appreciate Kevin who’s passion for SEO allows me to approach him with new ideas knowing he’ll want to listen and who’s always willing to help out and bounce ideas around with in order to create better results.

    Knute Sands – Account Manager

    JOLINA! I can not say enough about how helpful and awesome she is. She tackles so many projects, people and tasks head on – and all with a cheery bright smile!

    Lee Odden – CEO

    I am eternally thankful for the opportunity to work with such a passionate, dedicated, proactive and professional group of marketers at TopRank Marketing. From our Content and Creative team to our Social Media team to our Search Marketing and Analytics team to our Account Management team – we have one of the most talented boutique agencies in the country and for that I am immensely thankful.

    I am especially thankful for the extra-ordinary contributions in leadership, operations, strategic advisory and anything/everything else that is needed from Susan and Jolina as we evolve our agency into something better and even more special into 2016.

    I am thankful to Amie for undertaking the monumental task of managing our office move while continuing to handle many of her other duties as office manager. XL thankfulness goes to Shaya for her always on positive attitude and tireless recruiting efforts to grow our agency with the best talent.

    I am thankful to Ashley for being teachable and eager every day to do a great job representing our agency marketing at a high level. With her efforts and success, we can attract and retain the right clients leading us to reach marketing, revenue and business goals.

    We would not be growing or even have a business without our portfolio of clients. I am thankful, almost beyond words, for companies ranging from a local HVAC provider to companies like Dell, LinkedIn and the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the world for being smart or at least daring enough to hire our team. In doing so, our clients are investing in each of us to become smarter, more creative and accountable marketers empowered to deliver impact and ROI.

    Leila De La Fuente – Account Manager

    I’m thankful for those that I work with on a daily basis that make me laugh, work smarter and rock results for clients! Specifically Caitlin, Michael, Kevin, Julia, Emily & Alexis. I am also super thankful for the entire team’s energy – I love company meetings because I get the chance to catch up with all of our fun staff members.

    Michael Bak – Paid Search Account Manager

    I am extremely thankful for Leilia who is always fun to work with!  She’s sassy, a go getter and cucumber cool, even when I’m stressed. I’m also thankful for Jolina’s consistent education, collaboration and her taking the time to review my programs and work. Shaya, because she gets stuff done with a smile.

    Mike Odden – Research Analyst

    Lee and Sue who have given me the opportunity to be part of the TopRank Marketing team. It’s been great to watch TopRank Marketing grow and develop over the years due to the hard work of all team members.

    Nick Ehrenberg – Account Manager

    I am thankful for the knowledge, passion and expertise that the TopRank Marketing  team has provided for me, and for the incredible career path that has developed over the past two years. I would not be where I am now without the support and dedication provided by TopRank Marketing.

    Shaya Clark – Operations Coordinator

    Opportunities to learn and grow are present every day. I appreciate that I am always being challenged to tackle new projects.

    Susan Misukanis – President

    I’m thankful for the whole, full-on “Door of Mediocrity” busting TopRank Marketing team!

    Thomas Gallus – Graphic Designer

    I am very thankful for everyone that gave me the opportunity to work with this amazing team.  A special thanks to Ashley for being there for me with any question that I have had… and also for dealing with my daily mouse drumming affliction.

    Thank You For Reading

    I hope that everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. I urge you to take these few days off and focus on the things that are most important in your life. If you’re keen on sharing, please tell us in the comments below what or who you’re thankful for.