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The TopRank Marketing Team Reflects & Gives Thanks

Posted on Nov 23rd, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Today is a day that has become a cornerstone of American tradition and many of you are preparing for a day of fun and feasting with your love ones.

    Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. For many families, you spend the day cooking, eating, conversing and eating some more. Others (like myself) take a more non-traditional approach and host a Friendsgiving with no turkey (don’t worry, there is prime rib).

    The team at TopRank Marketing has our own Thanksgiving tradition which includes asking our team members to share thanks on a specific topic each year. Last year we shared why we were thankful for our clients and the year before we focused on why we were thankful for our team members.

    This year, we decided to focus on what we are most thankful for in our career and what we’ve learned in our time at TopRank Marketing.

    So sit back, put on your stretchy pants and take a moment to digest what some of our team members are most thankful for this year.

    Steve Slater
    Digital Advertising Manager

    I’m thankful to have a career that is constantly changing and challenging me to change with it. I’m thankful to be at TopRank Marketing because it’s a company where open feedback and communication is valued. It’s also a company where personal growth and collaboration is baked into the culture.

    Lee Odden

    I am incredibly thankful to work in an industry where curiosity, passion, creativity and a focus on marketing results can be rewarded in so many ways. Not only do I have the opportunity to gain digital marketing knowledge working with first class clients and an amazing team at our agency, but I get to share their success stories at marketing conferences all over the world.

    Josh Nite
    Content Marketing Manager

    TopRank Marketing has been a career rebirth for me. In two years I learned more than I did in a decade at my old job. I’m so thankful for leadership that cares about nurturing talent, and for the incredibly smart team I work with. Everyone is so generous with their knowledge, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Myrle Croasdale

    I am thankful to be part of a team that is leading in the digital marketing arena. The TopRank Marketing team intentionally works to stay ahead of emerging trends to deliver concrete results for clients. It great to be part of such a dynamic team.

    Mike Odden
    Research Analyst

    As working at TopRank Marketing is my second career ( I taught in public schools for 31 years ) I feel very  blessed to have the opportunity. To see TopRank  Marketing grow and to be part of this team of super professionals is fantastic!

    Caitlin Burgess
    Senior Content Marketing Manager

    I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work and grow with so many amazing, talented people. Thanks to the support and nurturing I’ve received, I’ve cultivated great friendships and had the opportunity to grow and refine many areas of my marketing skillset. So, a big thank you to every TopRank Marketing team member. I couldn’t do what I do without you.

    Debbie Friez
    Social Media Lead

    I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from the great minds at TopRank Marketing every day. When you work with creative intelligent people you can’t help but cultivate new ideas and push to do better work. I’m really looking forward to the new opportunities 2018 will bring!

    Elizabeth Williams
    Account Manager

    I feel so wonderfully blessed to have the opportunity to work at TopRank Marketing. I am thankful to be surrounded by such outstanding, industry-leading digital marketing professionals. I love to learn alongside and from the expertise of my team as we take on big challenges and drive results for our clients. I can’t wait to see how we can continue to grow and improve in 2018.

    Ashley Zeckman (That’s Me!)
    Director of Agency Marketing

    Where do I start? I am incredibly thankful for the various mentors and teammates that I have had throughout the years. Without these people who have helped guide me, I would know far less than I do today.

    My time at TopRank Marketing especially has been filled with opportunities that I feel incredibly lucky to have. Lee our CEO has been a fantastic mentor and has bestowed an incredible amount of knowledge on me related to all things digital marketing, but especially around the topics of content marketing and influencers. The team members that I have the opportunity to work with every day are some of the top in their field and I am fortunate to learn something new each day. I would also like to thank the amazing people who have given me a chance and helped me step outside of my comfort zone to get up in front of audiences and speak on topics relating to content and influencers including Ann Handley and Nick Westergaard (you guys are amazing!).

    Rachel Miller
    Influencer Marketing Manager

    I am thankful for the opportunity to meet and learn from so many top minds. I am truly grateful that my role allows me to build relationships and learn new skills on an almost a daily basis.

    Amy Higgins
    Account Manager

    I’m thankful for the relationships that I have built with my clients. 

    Together, we have launched amazing, thought provoking campaigns — ones that exceed audience expectations and engage interesting conversations with a ton of thought leaders in the market.

    Nick Nelson
    Content Strategist

    I know this response will sound cliché, but it is amazing to do work that you genuinely enjoy, and are passionate about.

    I’ve been writing relentlessly since the days when I’d print out a neighborhood newspaper as a 9-year-old and deliver it to doorsteps around the block (“The Daily Mouse,” we named it). I’m beyond grateful to now have a career in which I get to write creatively on a regular basis, helping clients articulate their brand narratives and reach people in unique new ways.

    I know from my own past experience, and from conversations with many others, that it’s not exactly common to have a job you wake up and look forward to each day. That isn’t lost on me, and never will be as long as I’m lucky enough to be doing what I do.

    Anne Leuman

    I am thankful for all of my awesome TopRank Marketing coworkers who afford me the opportunity to learn from them each and every day. They truly put the “top” in TopRank (for the record, they also put the “prank” in TopRank).

    Katie Uphus
    Vice President of Operations

    I am thankful for the opportunity to join the TopRank Marketing team and help set them up for growth and greater success!

    Have a Safe, Happy & (Somewhat)Healthy Thanksgiving

    Thank you to our amazing clients, influencers and followers for everything that you do. Without all of you, we literally wouldn’t be here.

    Whatever your plans are for the long weekend, we hope that you set aside some time to relax and unwind. You’ve earned it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The Team at TopRank Marketing