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Updated to WordPress 2.1 with minor injuries.

Posted on Feb 9th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    I did it, I took the jump to WordPress 2.1 here at BloggerDesign and it wasn’t quite as slick as I had hoped. I have done the upgrade on a few other blogs with no issues, but for some reason this one freaked out a bit.

    I think it all surrounds the fact that I didn’t deactivate my plugins. You know they say to do that, but I forgot. Guess what, they mean it. When I went to run the update script, it wouldn’t do its thing. And I couldn’t deactivate the plugins as I already had the files updated on the server. To get around it, I renamed the plugin folder and then it worked great.

    After getting my plugins back up and running the blog seems realllly slow. I tried to track down the issue and I think it was Headspace2. I updated it and it seems better now. If you notice it’s slow, or if it seems fine, let me know. I’m a bit paranoid now.

    The more I use WordPress 2.1 the more I see what has changed. Minor things but yet not all good things. I’ll have to whip up a post on that next week.