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Do You Know the Way to San Jose

Posted on Jul 17th, 2008
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    Originally written by Burt Bacharach, the song Do You Know the way to San Jose, la la la la la… didn’t actually come to fruition until the lovely Dionne Warwick won her first Grammy for Best Contemporary Pop Female Vocal in 1968.

    Although I wasn’t around in 1968, I understand the anticipation Burt must have had waiting for this song to hit the main stream. I have been chosen as a TopRank blogger at the upcoming SES conference in San Jose, CA, (and yes, I have been singing the song for days now 🙂 ) and the anticipation has got me on the edge of my seat!

    San Jose is not only recognized as the capital of Silicon Valley, it is the safest big city in America. I have had the pleasure of visiting most of the west cost cities, including L.A., San Diego, San Francisco, and even Santa Cruz, but this will be my first visit to San Jose.

    The line up of events at the SES Conference is sure to make an exceptional trip! The sessions I will be covering at SES San Jose include:

    Tuesday Morning Keynote:
    We will kick off the day at SES with an extra large caramel latte and Satya Nadella, Senior Vice President, Search, Portal & Advertising Platform Group with Microsoft

    Global Search for the B2B SEM:
    The global market represents a huge opportunity for those who can master the nuances of local customs and languages. In this session, leading global B2B marketers will discuss the opportunities the global market represents in the B2B landscape while sharing their advice on how to optimize for global search, manage foreign contractors, and track ROI in multiple currencies.

    Advanced B2B Marketing:
    Forget consumers. You want leads! Leads that become opportunities that convert into booked business! This panel of B2B marketing professionals will share the latest tips and trends in using search to find those niche decision-makers to drive business.

    News Search SEO:
    I’m a little partial to this event, not just because Lee is one of the speakers 🙂 , but because news search engines offer a great way to receive targeted traffic related to breaking topics or to help with a public relations launch.

    Social Media Analysis and Tracking:
    Social search can be used to drive traffic, conversions and increase ROI by monitoring conversations happening in cyberspace, often in real time. In this session, we review real world examples of successful campaigns that have leveraged social media and Buzz Monitoring tools, together with solid understanding of business goals, to increase profitability.

    Maximizing SEO Returns with User Generated Content:
    With user generated content, you are reaching customers who are ready to buy and customers who are participating in a community. This session centers around how to maximize SEO returns by developing an SEO strategy that satisfies both markets at all phases of the buying cycle and scales to enterprise websites.

    The Business Case for SEO Content Development: Turning Words into Actions!
    Poor site content can resulting in sluggish search engine rankings, low conversion rates and lost opportunities. This session discusses developing strategies to create value-add content that dovetails with lead generation, sales and readership goals.

    Creating a Cohesive Search Strategy Across Multiple Business Units:
    In this session, David Roth, director of Search Marketing for Yahoo!, will explain how Yahoo! defines, measures, and manages online marketing success across a variety of online business models. He will also describe how SEM plays an integral role in meeting marketing objectives, and share strategies for defining and leveraging life time value metrics to drive standardization and results across a broad scope of marketing challenges.

    Post Click Marketing: Converting Search Engine Traffic:
    Traffic alone doesn’t make money – Taking advantage of what happens AFTER the click is a key component to making money online. Driving traffic, rankings, social media mentions, paid advertising clicks and ultimately conversions and ROI is quite dependent upon the content you put on your site.

    Once I find my way to San Jose, you can anticipate that I will be posting daily commentary, event photos and highlights from SES, so stay tuned! Find more info on the Search Engine Strategies conference here.