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WebmasterWorld Pubcon Day 1

Posted on Nov 15th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Today starts Pubcon X. My hotel is right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center and there’s a huge banner hanging outside. A pretty good match to most things here in Vegas, BIG.

    Sessions I’ll be attending today include:

    Keynote : Robert X. Cringely

    Big Site – Big Brand -Big SEO
    Marshall D. Simmonds, Jeremy Sanchez, Chris Zaharias, Bill Wise

    Competitive Intelligence
    Jake Baillie, Anne Kennedy, Joseph Morin, Andy Beal

    Yahoo YPN Sponsored Lunch : What is the Yahoo! Publisher Network
    Will Johnson, David Zito, Donald Loeb, Arnie Gullov-Singh

    Organic Search Forum
    Bruce Clay, Aaron Wall, Todd Friesen, Todd Malicoat

    Super Session : Blogging for Fun and Profit
    Barry Schwartz, Jeremy Zawodny, Andy Beal, Mark Fletcher, Chris Pirillo

    I will be posting live on some of these sessions as well as commentary on the show in general.

    This evening is the Yahoo Party at Ceasar’s Palace among other events. Should be fun.