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What Did We Learn? Key Highlights & Buzz: #BWENY From The Perspective of the Audience

Posted on Jun 12th, 2012
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • What Did We Learn? Key Highlights & Buzz: #BWENY From The Perspective of the Audience
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    Finding Beauty in NYC is All About Perspective & Vantage Point

    Many of you might know that Lee Odden (@leeodden) and I attended BlogWorld in New York last week.  I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to interview many of the speakers that were presenting, and sit in on some really great sessions.

    That being said, many of you have already seen the conference from my point of view.  So I thought it would be nice to share some of the feedback and highlights from attendees as a means to share:

    • Valuable takeaways from many of the most buzzed about sessions.
    • Places where you can find additional highlights on specific presentations.

    Day 1

    Scott Stratten (@unmarketing)  – 7 Deadly Social Sins

    The buzz on Twitter for Scott Stratten’s opening session was overwhelming.  Because he warned the audience beforehand that he spoke in tweets, he set himself up for some pretty great feedback during and after his presentation.  One of the best things about Scott’s presentation was that the stories he told, and the way in which he told them was memorable for the audience.

    TopRank Recap: Common & Deadly Social Media Sins – Scott Stratten Author of UnMarketing #BWENY

    Tom Webster (@webby2001) The Social Habit 2012: How Americans Really Use Social Media

    Tom Webster is the VP of Strategy at Edison Research and shared some very timely information with attendees.  At the center of his presentation was Edison’s latest report on how Americans use social media.  Tom’s session focused on what these trends mean for content creators, marketers, and brands alike.  Grab the latest copy of “The Social Habit” today!

    Jay Baer (@jaybaer) 12 Imperative Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger

    Jay’s presentation was one of the ones I was most disappointed to have missed.  Twitter was buzzing with feedback (even though the Internet connection was not very strong) and throughout the conference I was hearing tidbits from his presentation.  Curious to know what the “12 Must Dos” are?

    1. Be Patient
    2. Be Specific
    3. Be Consistent
    4. Embrace Variety
    5. Be a YOUtility
    6. Find an Anchor
    7. Have a CTA (call-to-action)
    8. Cultivate Community
    9. Be Findable
    10. Keep Score
    11. Embrace Extensibility
    12. Be Shareable

    You Can Find Jay’s Full Presentation on Slideshare: 12 Imperative Must-Dos For the Serious Blogger


    Day 2

    Peter Shankman (@petershankman)  & Jelena Woehr (@jelenawoehr) – When It Gets Real:  What Happens When Your Fun LIttle Personal Brand Has to Grow Up

    Peter Shankman of Vocus and Jelena Woehr of Yahoo! provided an extensive amount of insight into the ups and downs of working with both young professionals, and older well established professionals.  Step into the modern working world with this fantastic presentation from two experts on branding.

    Jason Falls (@jasonfalls) Crossing the Bridge:  No Bullshit Guide to Mobile

    Gaining an understanding of how your customers use their smart phones, what they are searching for, and the ways they find information are all key in creating a cohesive mobile marketing strategy.  Jason Falls session provided some stellar examples of companies that are doing mobile well, and those that are performing poorly.

    TopRank Recap: A No B.S. Guide to Mobile with Jason Falls – #BWENY

    Day 3

    Lee Odden (@leeodden) Optimize & Socialize for Better Content Marketing

    An Optimized view of online marketing is based on a customer-centric approach.  This approach relies on a combination of SEO, content, and social media in order to implement a cohesive and effective strategy.  Lee took a very straightforward approach to the do’s and don’ts of online marketing in this day and age.

    Practical Tips & Tactics From Lee Odden: 30 Content Marketing Tactics



    Corbett Barr (@corbettbarr) – The Art of Writing Epic Sh*t:  How to Create Content that Blows Minds and Attracts A Crowd

    Corbett Barr’s presentation was based on a concept that while simple, many companies fail to do.  The key to becoming a successful blogger is to put out stellar content with a unique point of view.  Building an audience isn’t about following fads or shady tactics, it’s about writing things that people want to read.  In a blog post on his site titled Write Epic Sh*t Corbett shares some information that was also included in his presentation.



    There were so many great sessions at this years BlogWorld conference, and not enough time to absorb all of the information.  I’ve shared what I consider to be the highlights, are there any other that caught your eye?  I look forward to hearing which sessions provided you with the most actionable information, and which speakers you would like to see more from.  Happy blogging!