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WinJournal – New Windows Desktop Blog Client

Posted on May 16th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    WinJournalMariner Software is getting ready to release their new blogging client called WinJournal. If you’ve used a Mac, then you may be familiar with MacJournal. Well it’s the same idea, just for Windows users.

    WinJournal aims to bring journaling, blogging and podcasting into one application. Its blogging capabilities tie into MovableType, TypePad, WordPress, Live Journal, Blogger and Windows Spaces. You can even publish your entries to a web server via FTP. Not sure if that includes an RSS feed or not, but it does sound like a great option. Or you can just use WinJournal write your own entries that don’t get published.

    Some of the other options include wiki style links, spell check, auto save, security/encryption, WYSIWYG text editor, calendar, multiple journals, labels, full screen mode and tabs. There is also a skins manager to change the look an feel of WinJournal. This is good as the default skin under XP isn’t good. I switched it to WLM and it is much nicer.

    Overall, it looks as if WinJournal has a lot of nice features. The folks over at MarinerSoftware are working hard on creating a quality desktop blog client and it’s well on its way.

    If you’d like to try WinJournal, head over to the beta page and give it a spin. It’s free while in beta and worth the checkout.