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eBook: Winning with Authority Rainmaker – Integrated Content, Search & Social Media

Posted on Apr 20th, 2015
Written by Lee Odden
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  • eBook: Winning with Authority Rainmaker – Integrated Content, Search & Social Media
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    TopRank Marketing drives results with content, influencer, SEO & social media marketing.

    Henry Rollins Authority Rainmaker eBook

    When faced with the seemingly insurmountable odds of information overload, 63GB per person per day in the USA, how can brands, let alone enterprising individuals stand out?

    Be the best answer wherever customers are looking.

    And how do you do that?

    By creating authority across channels and media from search to social to wherever content can be discovered, consumed or acted on.

    To provide you with a clear roadmap on creating authority through integrated marketing, our latest conference eBook project launches today for Copyblogger’s Authority Rainmaker conference.

    Featuring top experts including: Dan Pink, Ann Handley, Danny Sullivan, Sally Hogshead, Joe Pulizzi, Sonia Simone and many more, this eBook is both inspirational and tactically insightful. Both the eBook and the conference are organized by 4 key areas necessary for integrated online marketing success: Design, Content, Traffic, Conversion.

    PLUS there’s a bonus from the closing keynote speaker: Henry Rollins. There are 15 expert contributors, all of whom are presenting at the Authority Rainmaker conference in Denver, May 13-15. Here’s a full list including tweetable tips from each:

    Authority Rainmaker eBook contributors eBook contributors


    • Daniel Pink – Today we’re in the era of ‘servant selling’ where it’s vital to serve before you even try to sell. @danielpink – tweet this
    • Chris Brogan – Earn the right to serve your community as a marketer with content, engagement & sales working in harmony. @chrisbrogan – tweet this
    • Sally Hogshead – You win by being seen & remembered. Stand out, or don’t bother. @SallyHogshead – tweet this
    • Henry Rollins – There are other innovative people that wake up early just like you, so you’d better be prepared. @HenryRollins – tweet this


    • Scott Brinker – You MUST have the courage to experiment, the confidence to fail & the determination to win. @chiefmartec – tweet this
    • Pamela Wilson – For a profound impact, design your marketing with the customer experience at the forefront. @pamelaiwilson – tweet this
    • Sonia Simone – Ask questions & be curious about everything. See something not awesome? Make it better. @soniasimone – tweet this


    • Ann Handley – We need better content, not mediocre. That just won’t cut it. @marketingprofs – tweet this
    • Bernadette Jiwa – Remember that you’re talking to humans. Spend time engaging with the people you hope to serve. @bernadettejiwa – tweet this
    • Jerod Morris – Text is not a real human voice inside of two ears and a head. A podcast is. @JerodMorris – tweet this


    • Joe Pulizzi – Document who your reader is, what you’re going to deliver and what you want them to get out of it. @JoePulizzi – tweet this
    • Danny Sullivan – Understand that mobile visitors have a different mindset and needs than desktop users. @dannysullivan – tweet this
    • Michael King – Looking for actionable data? Kickoff your content marketing program with the ultimate content audit. @ipullrank – tweet this


    • Brian Clark – A successful online marketing program requires that you understand the parts as a whole. @BrianClark – tweet this
    • Sean D’Souza – Keep customers happy & price services appropriately so that you can sell less and make more. @seandsouza – tweet this

    An impressive lineup, don’t you agree?

    Whether you attend Authority Rainmaker or not, this eBook is chock full of useful advice and perspectives. Here’s the full eBook for your viewing (and sharing) pleasure:

    Of course, what this awesome eBook doesn’t include is the real-world experience of being inspired by international speakers Daniel Pink or Sally Hogshead, or learning about marketing design from Sonia Simone or about content marketing from Ann Handley, or about the future of search from Danny Sullivan or about psycho conversion tactics from Sean D’Souza. And certainly not the visceral inspiration about DIY media from Henry Rollins.

    If you’d like to tap into this amazing experience, check out the Authority Rainmaker website for the agenda, the amazing venue (Opera House) and other essential details.

    I’m bringing two of the TopRank Online Marketing team members that helped created the eBook (Evan Prokop and Alexis Hall) and we hope to see you there!

    Authority Rainmaker
    Denver, CO
    Ellie Caulkins Opera House
    May 13-15, 2015
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