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Enhance WordPress’ Search Function & Actually Make It Usable

Posted on Apr 13th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    Search is a bit part of any online presence. Most people focus on getting people to their site, but what happens after they are there? Does your blogs search perform as well as it should?

    If you are using WordPress’ default search, then what you are getting is a pretty bad search experience. It seems that WordPress’ default search returns results based on date, not on relevance, which makes finding anything very difficult.

    To make WordPress’ search much better, grab the Search Unleashed plugin.

    Search Unleashed allows you to:

    • Define what you want included in search results. IE: Pages, Comments, Posts, Authors, Tags
    • Use search operators and wild cards.
    • Replace category and tag archives with search results.
    • Highlight matching terms on search result pages.
    • Customize your type of search engine.
    • See what users have been searching for.
    • Search within categories.

    The best part about the plugin is you just need to install and activate it. There is no need to edit your theme or worry about customizing anything. It just works.

    Take your WordPress blog search to the next level with Search Unleashed. You, and your visitors, won’t be disappointed.