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YouTube Named TIME Invention of the Year

Posted on Nov 6th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    TIME Magazine has listed their best inventions for 2006 and YouTube has been named Invention of the Year:

    “TIME’s 2006 list of the Best Inventions names YouTube as Invention of the Year for creating a new way for millions of people to entertain, educate, shock, rock and ‚Äúgrok‚Äù one another on a scale we‚Äôve never seen before. Three twenty-something guys named Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim started it, but the rest of us, in our basements and bedrooms, with our broadband and our webcams, invented it.”

    Examples of other products include: a nano-fabric umbrella that never gets wet, a car that travels 3,145 miles on a single gallon of gas, a robot that learned how to bike, cats that are naturally hypoallergenic and with the recent spinach scare, a food sanitizer that kills microbes and removes toxins.

    As an ex-military person, I think this one is pretty interesting, the BEAR.

    With the recent acquisition, Google’s PR team must be loving this news. BTW, co-founder of YouTube Jawed Karim is from the Twin Cities here in Minnesota and attended a recent event about the social web at the University of Minnesota. Unfortunately, I was speaking at another event (in St. Paul) at the same time and missed it.