Meet The TopRank Marketing Team

TopRank  Marketing Leadership Team

TopRank Marketing world headquarters is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our services and advice reach far corners of the globe thanks to WebEx, Google Docs, Skype, Phone, Email and you know, the internet!.  With a combined network of over 300,000 fans, friends, followers and subscribers, you can connect with the TopRank Marketing team on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, or through our online contact form.

Here’s the lowdown on a few of the TopRank Marketing Founders:

Lee Odden is CEO and co-founder of TopRank Marketing. Recognized as one of the top B2B and content marketers, Lee is a passionate advocate of integrated, data-informed customer-centric marketing. Lee’s influence and expertise is in-demand globally having given over 200 presentations in 17 different countries. It’s a good thing too, since he loves to travel, meet new people and experience food and culture in new places. Lee drives overall marketing strategy and what’s next with our agency, serving as an industry thought leader and influencer and by publishing 3,300+ blog posts (over 1.4 million words) over the past 15 years on our award winning Online Marketing Blog.

Lee literally wrote the book on integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing, called: Optimize. Lee has provided consulting for numerous Fortune 500 companies over the past 17 years and has been recognized for his expertise by the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Forbes and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  You can catch up with Lee on Twitter @LeeOdden, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Clients might be surprised to learn that our President and co-founder Susan Misukanis can get air off a (mini) jump, alley-oop, ride bumps & take a box on her Solomon with the best of the 13-year old snow boarders! As President and co-founder of TopRank Marketing, Susan specializes in influencer, content and integrated marketing. With over 15 years experience in the digital marketing world, Susan is “literally” the heartbeat of our agency and provides valuable direction and coaching for our team of consultants.
You can find Susan on Twitter @smisukanis or LinkedIn.

TopRank  Marketing also employs an incredible team of social media, content marketing, SEO, online advertising, influencer marketing, copywriting, design, research, account and project management professionals.

Meet the Full TopRank® Marketing Team