Winner: 2010 MIMA Summit Free Ticket from @TopRank

This year we decided to give away not one, but two free tickets ($595 value each) to the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA) Annual Summit conference at the Hilton, downtown Minneapolis on September 28th. The giveaway was announced on TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog and Twitter, participants were given the following instructions:

In a test of your micro-content writing skills, all you need to do is post a creative tweet using ALL of the following:
@TopRank @garyvee @baratunde #mimasummit

The responses were pretty amusing. We compiled them and shared in a super secret manner to the TopRank super-secret-voting-on-contests-involving -Twitter team.  Apparently Justin Bieber struck a chord because Dan Monfre racked up the votes for his tweet, which was tied by panelectric, whose real name we don’t know yet, with an ode to the cool kids.

Winning Tweets from TopRank  Online Marketing Ticket Giveaway for the 2010 MIMA Summit:

@danmonfre: Justin Bieber is NOT performing at this year’s #mimasummit He is being replaced by @garyvee and @baratunde

@panelectric: RT!: Help a geek win a seat with the cool kids @TopRank @garyvee@baratunde #mimasummit #SinceWereBeingHonest

Other tweets that received votes from the TopRank Online Marketing team (in order of votes received most to fewest)

  • @rohnjaymiller: I refuse to have any part in @TopRank @garyvee @baratunde #mimasummit social media promo just for a free MIMA pass!
  • @annesteja: I need a break frm trashy daytime TV Plz RT 2 help me win @TopRank#MIMASummit free pass 2 see @garyvee & @baratunde
  • @MNPlanner: Support the cure for Bieber Fever: @TopRank @garyvee@baratunde #mimasummit
  • @SEONickLeRoy: Please Help Me Become a force In Search by winning#MIMASummitt free pass from @TopRank 2 see @GaryVee & @baratunde
  • @JLBraaten: My wish: to sit with @TopRank while watching @garyvee &@baratunde at #mimasummit:
  • @ChrisNalty: REALLY? RT @ChrisNalty: Watch @TopRank @garyvee @baratunde Jello-wrestle for lutefisk @ #mimasummit #StrangeGames
  • @joeleyba: If I win the free #mimasummit pass I will buy @TopRank @garyvee and@baratunde a Summit Oktoberfest.
  • @pamelamuldoon: @TopRank @garyvee helps me Crush It, I grew up w/The Onion@baratunde & @leeodden is my MN SEO hero;-) o
  • @sanna_lee: @TopRank + @garyvee + @baratunde = #MIMASummit (doing my best to win a free pass!)
  • @LisaMyers77: It would be swell to win a free mima pass from @TopRank @garyvee@baratunde #mimasummit
  • @NSBRadioNetwork: @TopRank We didn’t get a media pass! Small Biz needs to hear from @garyvee & @baratunde #mimasummit pls RT 😉

Thank you everyone (those listed here and in the Twittersphere) that entered. We appreciate your creativity and look forward to seeing Gary Vee, Baratunde Thurston and all the breakout speakers at this year’s MIMA Summit. If you see someone from TopRank Online Marketing, be sure to say hello!