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TopRank Marketing’s All-New 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report

Posted on Jul 29th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • TopRank Marketing’s All-New 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report
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    TopRank Marketing drives results with content, influencer, SEO & social media marketing.

    We’re thrilled to have recently released our official 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report — nearly 60 pages filled with the newest strategy, tactics, operations, software, best practices, integration, measurement, budgeting, trends and predictions from the world’s top influencers at major global brands including LinkedIn*, SAP, Adobe, Intel, Cisco, Demandbase, Oracle, SAS, Deloitte Digital and many more.

    With all-new insight from top industry voices including Brian Solis of Salesforce, Ann Handley of MarketingProfs, Srijana Angdembey of Oracle, Ursula Ringham of SAP and dozens of other leading B2B influence subject matter experts, the report looks at what’s next when it comes to B2B marketing, what do digital-first B2B influencers look like, what are the best practices and technologies for influencer marketing, how important is it for B2B brands to build influence with their employees and senior executives, and many more key questions.

    Click play on the video above for a highlight of the 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Report or you can download the full PDF here.

    Our CEO and co-founder Lee Odden kicks off the comprehensive all-new report by looking ahead and introducing some of the key questions the report examines.

    “Without question, the pandemic has impacted all aspects of business including B2B marketing, with 74 percent of respondents in our survey saying they made adjustments to their go-to market strategies.

    The good news is that many B2B marketers have emerged from the pandemic as confident: Nearly half of the marketers we surveyed consider their marketing very or extremely successful.

    A lot of that confidence comes from a focus on what works, and 96 percent of marketers plan to keep some or most changes made in the past two years, including working with influencers. In fact, 71 percent indicated influencer marketing became more important during the pandemic.

    In times like these, the importance of Influence is critical for brands that need to connect  authentically with their buyers and create meaningful experiences.

    But what’s next? What do digital-first B2B influencers look like? What are the best practices and technologies? How important is it for B2B brands to build influence with their employees? Our forthcoming report answers all of those questions and more including insights from some of the top B2B brands in the world.

    B2B marketers have a unique opportunity in 2022 to create more authentic, trusted and meaningful experiences for their customers, and our forthcoming report will show you how.”

    The 2022 B2B Influencer Marketing Research Report is set to drive important industry conversations as we head towards 2023, and has already been featured in publications from Forbes to Social Media Today.

    Thanks to all of those who contributed and made this comprehensive report possible, and we hope that you’ll find the wealth of insights it features helpful in your own efforts in the months and years ahead.

    You can view a beautifully animated 15-page introduction here, or download the complete free report here.

    *LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.