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4 Ways to Republish Content

Posted on Mar 8th, 2007
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    Re-PostRe-Posting content is a way to feel included in a conversation and get additional traffic. However, simply copying their post word for word won’t give any additional value to your visitors. So here are 4 ways to successfully re-post someone else’s content.

    1) Your Thoughts. This is the easiest. Someone else posts on the best way to get traffic from Google and you post your thoughts. You can agree or disagree but it’s your opinion that makes it unique.

    2) Expand upon it. Evey now and then, someone will write a nice short post that those that are familiar with the subject can follow along no problem. But others may feel lost. Expanding on someone else’s post to put in more details and make it understandable to a wider audience can be beneficial to a whole new group of people.

    3) Summarize. The other day Matt Cutts did a quick post that ended up with about 800 words. Summarizing that into a 200 word post can draw more readers that don’t want to take the time to read the no-so-quick original post.

    4) Time Travel. This is my favorite. Go to someone’s blog and dig back into the archives. Lets say to 2005. What were they talking about? It could be a fun point out how back in 2005, Rand was talking about sandbox theories with poison links and hilltop hubs. How many of these are still true today? With hindsight being 20/20 you have to be nice though.

    Re-posting can be quite successful if done correctly. You can gain a whole new audience by simply working with what others are already saying. Just be sure to make it unique and give credit where credit is due.