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5 More Handy Tools For 2021’s Busy B2B Marketers

Posted on Jan 6th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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    Most B2B marketers in 2021 are busier than ever due to the pandemic, remote work challenges, and increased expectations to show results.

    Thankfully, keeping pace with the swift changes marketers face today are a whole slew of tools tasked with streamlining busy marketing efforts.

    We’ll take a look at some of these helpful tools for busy marketers, and several new social media platforms that are poised to rise during the year ahead, all to help refine and augment your B2B marketing strategy.

    Sorting through lists of the seemingly endless number of available marketing tools and platforms can be frustrating as well as a hit and miss proposition, however we’ve put this collection together so that you can skip the search and get right into tools you can use today to help you create unforgettable B2B marketing stories.

    Let’s jump in with our collection of handy tools and platforms to boost your marketing experiences.

    1 — Awario


    Awario is a social media and web monitoring tool offering a variety of real-time social listening and analytics features, focused on bringing brands insights about their customers, competitors, and industries.

    Awario also hosts an active industry blog, which our CEO and co-founder Lee Odden has mentioned in “Over 50 Top Social Media Marketing Blogs.”

    The competitive intelligence and instant social listening feature set Awario offers can also be helpful for B2B influencer marketing, providing insight into whether mentions are positive or not, as well as other functions including global location data, topic clouds, and additional demographic information that can help ward off potential customer care issues.

    2 — Descript


    Descript allows marketers to create podcasts, videos, transcripts and more through a collection of powerful collaborative tools, highlighted by the ability to edit audio using text instead of traditional wave-forms.

    The collection of utilities Descript has brought together aims to make video editing similar to a video word processor, to speed up development time and increase productivity and efficiency — all areas busy marketers are looking to do better in 2021.

    3 — Telegram


    While more a platform than a tool at heart, by recently courting the half billion user mark, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging and video call platform Telegram — noted for its word-of-mouth insight — now represents a wealth of opportunities for marketers looking for new customer engagement sources.

    In 2021, marketers will likely see the free service launch its first advertising platform, presenting opportunities via its public one-to-many channels.

    4 — Clubhouse


    Audio-based social platform Clubhouse has generated considerable interest for a limited-release service, in part due to Silicon Valley backing that has led to some 600,000 invitation-only users registering to use its pop-up audio chat room features. Active involvement of celebrities on the platform has also played a part, and the app’s recent “Creator Pilot Program” has also increased interest among curious marketers.

    Marketers have for the most part cautiously observed Clubhouse, yet 2021 is nearly certain to see more brands — undoubtedly including certain B2B firms — testing the waters at Clubhouse when it becomes publicly available. Some marketers including industry veteran Dennis Yu have shared their initial forays into using Clubhouse, while others such as A. Lee Judge are actively seeking marketing perspectives for embracing the new platform.

    Creative professionals in multiple industries are weighing in as well, such as photographers and those in technology.

    5 — DATAtab Statistics Calculator


    Bringing complex statistical calculation functionality to private and secure web browser sessions is the specialty of DATAtab, a simple and swift tool marketers can use to perform browser-based data analysis without having to send important data to the cloud.

    The service forgoes tracking cookies and third party providers, offering more secure handling of sensitive data.

    An additional bonus spreadsheet-related tool from Microsoft allows marketers to incorporate certain elements of machine learning into Microsoft Excel data, providing a glimpse of how artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in various aspects of marketers’ lives.

    Get Off The Marketing Assembly Line With Helpful Tools

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    We hope you’ve found several new-to-you marketing tools and up-and-coming platforms among those we’ve taken a look at here, and that you’ll find them helpful as you build new campaigns in 2021, and that they’ll also help build your own team’s knowledge.

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