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Exploiting the Infinite Loop: 5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Optimization from SES Chicago

Posted on Nov 13th, 2012
Written by Alexis Hall
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  • Exploiting the Infinite Loop: 5 Tips for Mobile Marketing Optimization from SES Chicago
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    Mobile MarketingToday’s consumer is connected every where and in every way. Additionally, we are no longer subject to the agenda of businesses when it comes to when and where we consume content, shop or view ads.  As marketers is our job to take advantage of what Geoff Tam-Scott describes as the infinite loop.

    The infinite loops refer to the ongoing cycle of touch points marketers with consumer across devices such as smartphone, tablets, TV, PCs, etc.

    On the first day of SES Chicago, Tam-Scott and Gagan Kanwar from Marin Software (@MarinSoftware) offer tips for marketers to optimize marketing for mobile and exploit the potential which mobile unlocks.

    Tip #1: Leverage a Responsive Design

    The use of a mobile responsive design, which is defined as content/layout which automatically adapts to screen size, which Tam-Scott recommends as a crucial piece of optimizing for mobile.  The use of a mobile responsive design is preferable from an SEO perspective and allows the user to have a more consistent experience across multiple devices.

    There are three key points of consideration for a mobile responsive design:

    1. Deliver the same content to all platforms: Users expect to be able to use the mobile and web version of a site interchangeably  Make sure a mobile user of your site does not hit a roadblock when it come to finding all the content they expect on the web version.
    2. Create a consistent user experience across platforms:  A user operating within the infinite loops wants a seamless transition between devices. Keep the user experience consistent in terms of content, but also look and feel, navigation, etc.
    3. Optimize content for that device:  Don’t just optimize for mobile as a whole. Keep in mind the unique experience of an iPad 2 versus an Android versus a Kindle Fire and customize content accordingly.

    Tip #2: Test, Learn and Repeat

    Mobile is still a fairly inexpensive platform for businesses, compared to other media.  So take advantage of it!

    If this is a new platform for you, or you’ve been doing it for years, this is still the great time to be testing. Don’t limit yourself to one type of mobile advertising and feel discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Try something else and learn from it.

    Tip #3: Customize Messaging for Mobile

    This seems like a gimme, but we know that not all businesses are targeting messaging for paid ads to mobile devices.

    A user searching from a mobile device is likely further in the funnel and possibly looking to convert quickly. Customize your messaging to this user with a stronger call to action and a phone number which will allow them to call you immediately.

    For example, someone searching for a restaurant on their desktop may be doing research for a theoretical dinner in the future, so provide them with your long term value proposition. A user searching for ‘Restaurant in Minneapolis’ on their iPhone, is likely out and about looking for somewhere to eat now.   ‘Call Us Now for a Reservation’ for example, is more powerful messaging to this on the go user.

    Tip #4: Clearly Define Mobile KPIs and Objectives

    Mobile campaign goals should be integrated into your overall online strategy, but should be clearly different then desktop goals.  The first step to mobile is clearly defining your specific mobile objectives. Unique mobile KPIs may be to increase App downloads or time spent on App.

    Tip #5: Be Everywhere Your Consumer Is

    Exploiting the infinite loops means taking advantage of the opportunity to become part of the consumer’s life.

    A typical consumer may watch the news on their TV as they get dressed in the morning, check an App from their smartphone as they commute, log on to the website from their desktop at work and then surf the web from their tablet as the unwind in the evening.

    The consumer is continuously connecting with technology and providing businesses with an opportunity to connect with them across devices and situations. Advertising across all mediums and all devices will allow the business to capture the consumer at a time which will maximize impact.

    Mobile has been a game changer for consumers and marketers.  It has changed the time and the way consumers are interacting with businesses. In order to be successful within the mobile marketplace marketers must see mobile as part of ecosystem in order to connect mobile with other media across the infinite loop.

    How are you optimizing for mobile across the infinite loop?

    TopRank will be live blogging from SES Chicago all week. Check back for more updates and insights from the TopRank (@toprank) team.

    Image provided via Shutterstock.