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SMX Sesion: 8 Tips to More Effective Blogging

Posted on Feb 28th, 2008
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    dsc00450.JPGThe Wonder Twins Track at SMX West: SEO and Blogging, provided the audience with information on how to best launch and promote a blog.

    Here are 8 tips, from Aaron Wall of SEOBook, on how to gain traction for your blog.

    Own a Niche

    • Owning a smaller niche is an easy way to starting building personal brand
    • #1 player gets more play in the media

    Make Formatting a Priority

    • Ensure you have a clean appealing design
    • Highlight best practices
    • Include an “About Us” page
    • Make it easy for press to contact
    • Leverage pictures/video/sketchcasting

    Write clearly

    • Write headlines like a wire service writer
    • Use simple words and short sentences
    • Use bulleted lists/headers/sub-headers


    • Create Google news alerts
    • Custom RSS feeds
    • Save drafts and refine before publishing

    Social interaction

    • Comment and link out
    • Create community based ideas
    • Ask for feedback BEFORE launching
    • Actively solicit feedback and reply to comments
    • Write for others
    • Network offline
    • Don’t be afraid of controversy
    • Get people to talk about you


    • Pre-write draft posts for future ideas
    • Offer tools or bolt on community stuff like job boards and forums
    • Encourage contribution from others
    • Highlight best contributors

    Monetize a new blog

    • No AdSense above your content
    • Sell branded ads or co-brand affiliate offers
    • Create your own products

    Leverage Push Marketing

    • Build links
    • Buy AdWords and AdsSense ads, blog ads
    • Sponsor other related sites
    • Syndicate your content

    Aaron provided a great list of tips for anyone considering/launching a blog.  You might also want to avoid these 3 blog mistakes and follow these 25 blog marketing tips.