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97 Blog Directories

Posted on Apr 9th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    One of the resources we often use when promoting blogs and RSS feeds is directory submissions. There are many kinds of directories to submit blogs to. There are blog-specific directories like Technorati and Best of the Web blog directory. There are also RSS specific directories and search engines. Google blog search is a RSS search engine, but you cannot submit the blog directly. You can however, ping Google blog search, but pinging is only relevant for RSS feeds.

    Besides blog and RSS specific search engines and directories can also submit blogs to regular directories that have categories for blogs, such as Yahoo.

    We’ve recently published a list of just under 100 RSS and Blog Directories along with the submission urls for anyone that wants a jump start on promoting their blog. Some are great for links such as from, some are not so great, so you can make your own decision about which to submit your blog to.