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Posted on Aug 29th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    One of the blog networks that I write for is hosted within If all goes well, they will launch their new design on Tuesday. Here’s a preview screen shot:

    The old interface was getting very busy which is a challenge when you’re a site like with millions of documents. I think the new design is much cleaner and it’s great to see the bloggers, ah I mean, “Advisors” posts brought up higher in the page. I guess this means I should get busy and start posting there regularly again. 🙂

    We’re just finishing up with a 6 month promotion called, “6 for 06” with where several consultants (like myself) volunteered time to help out selected small businesses with certain problems. The company I worked with was, a California based outdoor adventure company that also hosts an online store.

    It was an interesting project because we had to limit our hours and Adventure Out would have benefitted greatly in many ways as they had numerous issues. Luckily, the site owner is very bright and caught on to many of the SEO suggestions made including the incorporation of keywords in body copy and links, adding a blog and issuing optimized press releases.

    The biggest challenge turned out to be time. It’s a tough thing to run a small business and do all the things you need to do to optimize and promote a web site. To reap long term rewards, it’s important to continuously promote the web site, review analytics and make optimization edits accordingly. At the same time, you’ve got to pay equal attention to the rest of your business or it will all suffer. I guess that’s why sometimes consultants are a good idea, even if you’re a small company.

    Next week is having me out to their offices in San Francisco to do a video shoot promoting tips for small businesses on various aspects of search marketing. It should be fun!

    Congrats to on their new design!