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Autumn of Search: In-Person & Virtual SEO Events for B2B Marketers

Posted on Oct 18th, 2021
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Autumn of Search: In-Person & Virtual SEO Events for B2B Marketers
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    What are some of the top autumn B2B search marketing conferences that will take place in virtual, in-person, and hybrid fashion?

    As we close in on 2022, more physical marketing events are taking place than were available last year, while others either offer a hybrid online option or are still digital-only experiences.

    To help you sort out the many B2B marketing conference options available this fall, we’ve compiled our latest list of the top B2B marketing events to elevate and inform your business strategy, with a special focus on events in the search marketing and SEO space, while still including several general B2B marketing events that feature search industry elements.

    Marketing conferences offer a true wealth of benefits to marketers seeking the latest learning, new networking opportunities, and the latest industry research and insight to increase brand awareness, but sometimes finding events that match your business and B2B search marketing needs can be challenging.

    In just the last decade the number of conferences has risen drastically, making it harder than ever to hone in on the ones that can best help build your business, boost your networking opportunities, and offer the most relevant new industry education from top speakers, especially in world of B2B search marketing.

    For this autumn we’ve gathered together events that place an emphasis on B2B search marketing in all its facets, and are happy to present them here, in chronological order. All events are virtual except where noted.

    “We’re all the same size rectangle on the Zoom screen.” — Vanessa Colella of @Citi Share on X

    Kick back and dig in to our collection of the top B2B search marketing and other B2B-related conferences and events taking place as we head towards 2022.

    Autumn B2B Search Marketing Conferences to Inform & Elevate Your Strategy

    Advertising Week New York — #AWNewYork
    When: October 18-21, 2021
    Where: New York City and virtual
    Theme: Marketing & Sales
    About: For 2021 a hybrid Advertising Week New York event will serve as a worldwide gathering of marketing, advertising, technology and brand professionals, offering major speakers including Amazon vice president of global brand and marketing Claudine Cheever, IBM Watson Advertising head of product marketing Lauren Lee and others. Kate Stanford, Google vice president for Ads Marketing will explore delivering empathy at scale and more, and is just one of six presenters from Google taking part in the event.

    The Influencer Marketing Show — #IMSLONDON21
    When: October 21, 2021
    Where: London, UK. and virtual
    Theme: Influencer Marketing
    About: An in-person event in London, The Influencer Marketing Show offers brands, agencies, content creators and technology platforms a full day on influencer marketing education and strategy, with top speakers including Becky Owen, head of branded content – Creative Shop at Facebook, Madeline Orme, influencer strategist at Edelman, and others.


    State of Search Conference — #StateOfSearch2021
    When: November 1, 2021
    Theme: Search Marketing
    About: The one-day virtual State of Search Conference is set to explore search marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and other search elements of digital marketing, featuring a variety of top industry speakers.

    AI Summit Silicon Valley — #AISummit
    When: November 2-4, 2021
    Where: Santa Clara, CA.
    Theme: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    About: Expected to take place in-personal, the 2021 version of AI Summit Silicon Valley presents all things artificial intelligence for business marketers, and includes leading speakers from AT&T, Xerox, HPE, IBM Services, Microsoft, Google and more, providing looks at modernizing the search stack using AI and other topics.

    B2B Marketing virtual ABM Conference — #B2BMarketingABM
    When: November 2-4, 2021
    Where: London, UK and virtual
    Theme: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in B2B Marketing
    About: The hybrid 2021 B2B Marketing ABM Conference is aimed at a deep-dive into the world of ABM for B2B marketers, with four content streams and three days of learning on-tap, and speakers from firms such as Autodesk, Dow Jones, Ericsson, and Panasonic, including sessions exploring intent data and more.

    SEMrush Webinar — #SEMrush
    When: November 4, 2021
    Theme: Purpose-Driven Content & SEO
    About: SEMrush’s November 4 webinar will examine the purpose-driven side of content and search optimization, with an eye towards driving organic search traffic and conversions, presented by Dale Bertrand, president at Fire&Spark.

    Pubcon — #Pubcon
    Where: Las Vegas, NV.
    When: November 5, 2021
    Theme: Search & Social
    About: Now in its 21st year, Pubcon explores all aspects of search and social marketing, with this year’s old-school style single-day Pubcon Las Vegas offering a special focus on recent seismic changes in search engine marketing and optimization, with Pubcon’s famous industry networking opportunities.

    SMX Next— #SMX
    When: November 9-10, 2021
    Theme: Search Engine Marketing
    About: SMX Next explores actionable tactics to overcome today’s many search marketing obstacles, with session tracks dedicated to pay-per-click (PPC), SEO, link-building, and more, delivered by speakers including Microsoft senior director of product marketing Katy Hunter and Barry Schwartz, SEO editor at Search Engine Land.

    DECEMBER / TBD / On-Demand / 2022

    AdExchanger Industry Preview — #IP2021
    When: On-Demand
    Theme: MarTech
    About: For 2021 AdExchanger’s Industry Preview is in podcast form, an annual global forum for marketing technology from AI to search and more, focused on what to expect in MarTech this year, with featured speakers from Axios, IBM, Amazon and others.

    SMX Build— #SMX
    When: December 14, 2021
    Theme: Search Engine Marketing
    About: SMX Build explores technical aspects of search optimization and SEO-friendly coding, with session tracks dedicated to discussion and live-coding examples, delivered by speakers to be announced.

    The ABM Innovation Summit — #ABMSummit
    When: TBD, 2021
    Theme: Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
    About: The ABM Innovation Summit explores account-based marketing’s role in B2B marketing and sales, with an eye towards the future. Last year’s event featured top speakers from firms including SAP, Salesforce, and Uberflip.

    B2B Marketing Expo — #B2BMarketingExpoUSA
    When: April 6-7, 2022
    Where: Los Angeles, CA.
    Theme: B2B Marketing
    About: One of Europe’s top marketing events will bring its B2B Marketing Expo to California in 2022, expected to offer over 200 sessions, industry awards, and keynotes from top speakers from the American Marketing Association, EMRG, and others, including sessions dedicated to demystifying SEO and more.

    Social Media Marketing World — #SMMW22
    When: March 14-16, 2022
    Where: San Diego, CA.
    Theme: Social Media
    About: Social Media Marketing World postponed its 2021 event and will hold an in-person conference in March, 2022, with a deep-dive into social media marketing focusing on new ideas and quality networking opportunities, including top presenters.

    SearchLove 2021 — #SearchLove
    When: March 24-25, 2022
    Where: San Diego, CA. and virtual
    Theme: Search Marketing
    About: SearchLove provides a multi-day event focusing on search marketing for in-house and agency search engine optimizers, business owners, marketing managers and more, featuring top speakers including SparkToro’s Rand Fishkin, Moz’ Britney Muller, and The Nature Conservancy’s Lindsay Mineo.

    DigiMarCon Midwest — #DigiMarCon
    When: June 9-10, 2022
    Where: Chicago, IL. and virtual
    Theme: Marketing & Sales
    About: Now pushed out to 2022, the in-person or online DigiMarCon Midwest digital marketing conference offers up emerging strategies on paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), visual and voice search, plus the latest innovative technologies and best practices to move your business to the next level, featuring top speakers to be announced.

    Email Innovations Summit — #EISConf
    When: June 21-22, 2022
    Where: Las Vegas, NV. and virtual
    Theme: Email Marketing
    About: As its name implies, the Email Innovations Summit focuses on the email aspects of marketing, discussing the cutting edge of email marketing trends and featuring top speakers from leading firms to be announced.

    MozCon — #MozCon
    When: July 11-13, 2022
    Where: Seattle, WA. and virtual
    Theme: SEO and Search Marketing
    About: MozCon will take place in Seattle over three days in July in 2022, exploring the latest search, SEO, conversion marketing, and local search marketing trends, featuring top speakers from leading firms to be announced.

    INBOUND 2022 — #INBOUND2022
    When: TBD, 2022
    Theme: Marketing & Sales
    About: INBOUND 2022 will present some of the biggest names and brightest minds in sales and marketing and other industries, and offers speakers from firms including Intuit, HubSpot and others. Past sessions have focused on SEO strategies derived from product design methodology and more.

    B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange — #B2BSMX
    When: TBD, 2022
    Theme: Marketing & Sales
    About: B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange brings together thought leaders in ABM, revenue marketing and demand generation, including an array of top speakers.

    Get Search Marketing Events On Your Radar

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    We hope you’ve found several new and helpful virtual, in-person, and hybrid B2B search marketing events to put on your radar and attend this autumn, and that the networking and industry learning you’ll experience from either these conferences or the many others available will help you reach newfound levels of B2B marketing success in 2022 and well beyond.

    Crafting award-winning B2B marketing takes considerable time and effort, which is why many firms choose to work with a top digital marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing. Talk with us about how we can help, as we’ve done for businesses ranging from LinkedIn, Dell and 3M to Adobe, Oracle, and others.