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12 B2B Marketing Sessions You Can’t Miss at Content Marketing World 2022

Posted on Sep 13th, 2022
Written by Lee Odden
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  • 12 B2B Marketing Sessions You Can’t Miss at Content Marketing World 2022
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    Content Marketing World

    Photo: CMWorld 2021

    It’s amazing to think that 2022 marks the 12 year anniversary of Content Marketing World. This year also represents the 12th time I’ve presented at CMWorld with the first presentation in 2011: A Content Marketer’s Guide to Social Media and Search Strategy. That first amazing event had about 50 speakers and around 600 attendees.

    Content Marketing World 2011

    Conference Comic CMWorld 2011

    Fast forward to today and this year’s Content Marketing World has nearly 200 speakers providing workshops, keynotes, and breakout sessions with anywhere from 3,000 to 4,000 attendees. I am just as excited to present this year as my first with a session on The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences Wednesday September 14th at 1pm in Grand Ballroom B.

    So what’s else is on the menu for B2B marketers at CMWorld in 2022? Here are some of the sessions we’re looking forward to and why. BTW, picking just 12 sessions was INCREDIBLY difficult – this is truly an impressive agenda. Well done Stephanie Stahl and CMI team!

    For early rising runners, Wednesday and Thursday is an opportunity to start the day with the #CMWorld Running Club at 6am. This is a short run starting at the Lakeside Entrance of the Convention Center led by Joe Kalinowski and it’s not only a way to get your blood pumping and heart rate up first thing in the morning, but also a great way to connect with other marketers that love to run. Slow, fast or somewhere in between, all are welcome!

    Wednesday, September 14

    Keynote: This Is Content
    Robert Rose  @Robert_Rose
    Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute
    Location: CMWorld Keynote Stage
    Time: 8:30 am – 9:00 am
    Why: Robert’s speaking our language at TopRank Marketing, it’s time to “elevate” the B2B industry’s content marketing efforts!

    Keynote: Voice is the New Logo
    Ann Handley @MarketingProfs
    Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs
    Location: CMWorld Keynote Stage
    Time: 9:30 am – 10:00 am
    Why: Because Ann Handley.

    “Fail Fast:” Using experimentation to drive better content experiences, faster
    Shafqat Islam @shafqatislam
    General Manager, Marketing Orchestration, Optimizely
    Location: Room 26
    Time: 12:20 pm – 12:50 pm
    Track : Keynote – Big Ideas
    Why: B2B marketing needs to optimize experiences and do it fast. Learn how with Shafqat.

    Beyond SEO: How Website Optimization Can Double Your Traffic, Conversions, and Sales
    Laurel Miltner @laurelmackenzie
    Director of Digital Marketing, NAVEX
    Location: Room 1
    Time: 2:20 pm – 2:50 pm
    Track : Search Engine Optimization
    Why: Double traffic, conversions and sales by being the best answer for your customers at the very moment of need? Sign me up!

    Most Thought Leadership Content Isn’t Thoughtful or Leading: We Need to Fix That!
    Lisa Gately @LisaGately
    Principal Analyst, Forrester
    Location: Room 6
    Time: 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
    Track : Executive
    Why: Thought Leadership can be incredibly effective for B2B brands but most of it sucks (my word). I agree Lisa, let’s fix it.

    Keynote: Teaming, Scheming, Streaming: Inside our Game Plan to Salesforce+
    Jessica Bergmann @jbergmann
    VP, Content Strategy & Customer Marketing, Salesforce
    Time: 4:45 pm – 5:15 pm
    Why: How can you create a TV network for your B2B brand? Here you go.

    Thursday, September 15

    Keynote: Top-Down Creation: How clever content creators leverage tiny audiences to deliver outsized results
    Andrew Davis @DrewDavisHere
    Keynote Speaker &, Author
    Time: 9:45 am – 10:15 am
    Why: Because Andrew Davis keynotes are high energy and even more thought provoking and actionable.

    Behavioral Analytics: Stop guessing. Get clarity
    Ravi Theja Yada @ravitheja22
    Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
    Location: Room 5
    Time: 11:40 am – 12:10 pm
    Track : Analytics & Data
    Why: To optimize the user experience on your B2B industry website you have to understand behaviors. There’s analytics for that.

    Your words, not mine: how (and why) to spice up your content with expert interviews
    Sarah Goff-Dupont @sarahgoffdupont
    Principal Writer, Atlassian
    Location: Room 6
    Time: 12:20 pm – 12:50 pm
    Track : Writing/Content Development
    Why: This is an essential part of most B2B influencer collaborations without calling it that – interview credible experts and see the magic happen.

    Content Attribution: The Missing Piece For Content Marketing Excellence
    Christopher Penn @cspenn
    Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights
    Location: Room 5
    Time: 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm
    Track : Analytics & Data
    Why: You might know which channels are working but which content is performing? Chris knows.

    Friday, September 16

    Content for Generation Z
    Lenox Powell @LenoxPowell
    Content Director , Semrush
    Location: Room 3
    Time: 8:40 am – 9:10 am
    Track : Purposeful Marketing
    Why: B2B marketers better be ready to create the content their future customers are using today.

    How LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is Using the Blog to Power Its Growth Engine
    Tequia Burt @TequiaBurt in/tequiaburt
    Editor in Chief, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog, LinkedIn
    Steve Kearns @stevektweets in/stevekearns3
    Senior Content Marketer, Linkedin
    Location: Room 6
    Time: 9:20 am – 9:50 am
    Track : Content Planning/Operations
    Why: This is a chance to learn how the ultimate B2B brand is driving results in a market where growth is tougher than ever.

    I’d like to repeat how difficult it was to pick just 12 and yes, the number 12 represents the 12th anniversary of Content Marketing World. You can see the full agenda for the conference here, including workshops which I did not include in this list.

    If you do miss a session you really want to check it out, I will be liveblogging a few of these presentations so be sure to follow @toprank and @leeodden for information about when those posts publish.

    The Secrets to Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences

    At 1:00 pm Wednesday September 14, there are 13 sessions happening at the SAME TIME so if you’re interested, be sure to visit me in Ballroom B for my presentation, The Secrets of Creating Inspired B2B Content Experiences.

    Here’s more info: B2B marketers are creating more digital content than ever with expectations of performance in the spotlight of every executive pulling the trigger on tentative marketing budgets. However, it’s no longer enough for B2B brands to inform audiences with the same “boring to boring” content. Modern B2B customers want to be informed but also inspired, to feel something. But what’s the secret to creating inspired content experiences?

    In this presentation you’ll learn these secrets:
    – The Facts Tell, Stories Sell Approach to Content
    – How to Use OPC to Inspire Your ICP
    – Top Tactics B2B Leaders Use to Elevate B2B Content

    If you’re looking for a even more smart content marketers to learn from, be sure to check out Lane’s list of Top 25 B2B Content Marketing Influencers and Experts To Follow.