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B2B Marketers on the Move: Shining Light On Summertime B2B Industry Movers

Posted on Jul 27th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketers on the Move: Shining Light On Summertime B2B Industry Movers
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    Summer is in full swing, and today’s B2B marketing landscape burns bright with consistent changes, often accompanied by growth that happens so fast that it can be difficult to fully appreciate, no matter the season.

    For over two decades, TopRank Marketing has been honored to help a wide selection of the world’s top B2B marketers and major brands elevate and go beyond merely being competitive, to standing out from the crowd with an array of creative, award-winning successes. In this spirit, we like to regularly take the time to congratulate and honor business marketers, thought leaders, industry influencers, as well as our own talented team members who have recently seen career advancement.

    When B2B marketers take on new leadership roles, it’s only natural to look for trusted resources to help professionals in new positions hit the ground running, and TopRank Marketing is happy to have been a go-to B2B content and influencer marketing agency for so many stellar marketers in new leadership roles. We’re also always seeking out B2B technology industry influencers advancing in their careers to partner with on unique content collaborations.

    We extend summertime congratulations to our B2B technology industry partners, clients, associates, friends and teammates in this sixth edition of B2B Marketers on the Move.

    Summertime B2B Marketers on the Move

    Michelle Robbins
    Michelle Robbins has taken a new position as business analytics manager at LinkedIn*.

    Focus on growth opportunities, in organizations with strong leadership and access to mentors, and seek a challenge instead of a title. I’ve benefited greatly from being curious, expanding my own capabilities with continued learning, and pivoting to where that curiosity takes me.

    Alex Pavelich
    Alex Pavelich has taken a new position as senior product manager — identity, at Experian.

    Don’t be afraid to lean into your interests. Finding the intersection of my interests and skill set has brought me the greatest success.

    Neal Schaffer
    Neal Schaffer has taken a new position as chief marketing officer at Cheeki.

    If you want to speak the language of modern marketing, you need to understand the voice of the customer. The only way to do that is to spend more time consuming the exact same content that they are consuming. It sounds like a no-brainer, but I have dealt with many companies who had little to no alignment between their marketing and the customer voice, and as a result found it difficult to gain traction with their marketing.

    Anna Henwood
    Anna Henwood has taken a new position as CEO at Stickybeak.

    No matter what stage you are at in your career, I encourage you to get really clear on what you want to be (rather than what you want to do). What type of behaviors and experiences bring you joy and energy? The job title, and company don’t matter if you have this.

    Scott Cowley
    Scott Cowley has been promoted to associate professor of marketing at Western Michigan University.

    I tell all of my digital marketing students to ask potential employers about how they invest in employee education. A company that values its people will make sure they are educated by the best, even if they have to travel.

    Katelyn Drake
    Katelyn Drake has taken a new position as director of agency marketing at TopRank Marketing.

    Be authentic. Be open, honest and true to your own values. Have a growth mindset. Never stop learning and remember that any obstacle can be used as an opportunity to take initiative, lead by example and show others what you and your team are capable of. Build your network. Surround yourself with people who inspire you and constantly stretch, challenge and motivate you personally and professionally.

    Adam Dunn
    Adam Dunn has taken a new position as senior motion graphics / compositior / director in residence, at InfiniteWorld.

    Video marketing is intriguing, because it brings in real-life storytelling. The biggest factor in successful video content is cohesiveness of vision.

    Adam is a TopRank Marketing alumni, and was featured in our Break Free B2B Marketing video interview and podcast series, in “Break Free B2B Series: Adam Dunn on Creating Blockbuster Video Content in B2B.”

    Dave Lloyd
    Dave Lloyd has been promoted to senior manager, SEO – document cloud at Adobe.

    I made a positive career shift 6 years ago — grateful daily for the learning, challenges, connections, and growth. It’s all about delivering client value through innovative delivery and strong teamwork.

    Lauren Vaccarello
    Lauren Vaccarello has taken a new position as chief marketing officer at Salesloft.

    Time off makes you remember why you love your career in the first place. I love marketing and leading. I love inspiring people to go farther than they thought they could. The best thing about time off is letting your brain wander. I reflected as much on what I was proud of as things I would do differently. I had fun taking the guardrails off, pondering big questions and ‘what ifs’… What if I totally changed my career? What if I could truly inspire change? What if I could materially impact the trajectory of a company’s success? What if I could leave any legacy I want?

    Lindsay Schleisman
    Lindsay Schleisman has been promoted to head of global public relations at Danfoss Power Solutions.

    It sounds so simple, but write down everything you’re taught somewhere searchable. When you demonstrate proficiency after being told how to do something once, you not only look smart, it also shows that you respect your colleagues’ time.

    Liz Grey
    Liz Grey has taken a new position as social media manager at NSW Department of Education.

    While a voice alone may be quiet, together those voices create a roar. And whether it’s sport, or any other facet of society facing injustice, it’s that roar that will help to #breakthebias many women face today.

    Meagan Dahl
    Meagan Dahl has been promoted to corporate experiences strategic advisor at Humana.

    Tom Treanor
    Tom Treanor has taken a new position as chief marketing officer at Snipp Interactive.

    Ad hoc, unsustained and spreadsheet-based influencer marketing programs will end up being a big waste of time and money! To be successful, commit to a sustained strategy, leverage technology and/or agencies to drive the process, and measure the impact and adjust as you go.

    Tom is one of the top B2B influencer marketers featured in our all-new 59-page 2022 Influencer Marketing Research Report, and has been featured on the TopRank Marketing blog several times including in the Break Free B2B Marketing video interview and podcast series, in “Break Free B2B Series: Tom Treanor on Perfecting B2B Marketing Personalization.”

    Yuri Kleban
    Yuri Kleban has been promoted to global product lead manager (partnerships) at Google.

    Travis Meeks
    Travis Meeks has been promoted to vice president of marketing at AnalyticsIQ.

    No matter how big the audience or how many impressions may be guaranteed, the most successful marketers still turn to and rely on quality data to gain insight into the hearts and minds of their customers and prospects to drive their strategy.

    Thanks To Each of These Leaders For Helping Elevate the B2B Marketing Industry

    We extend bountiful thanks to each of the talented B2B marketing professionals we’ve featured here who have recently been promoted or taken new industry positions. We’re certain that you’ll elevate and reach newfound heights when it comes to the performance you’ll deliver in your new roles.

    You can find the previous edition of B2B Marketers on the Move here.

    If you’re looking for a new change of your own, be sure to check out our own list of current job openings at TopRank Marketing on our careers page.

    *LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.