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B2B Marketers on the Move: Celebrating May B2B Industry Movers & New Opportunities

Posted on May 25th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketers on the Move: Celebrating May B2B Industry Movers & New Opportunities
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    Celebrating May 2022 B2B marketers on the move in new leadership roles

    Today’s B2B marketing landscape consists of swift changes, often accompanied by growth that happens so fast that it can be difficult to fully appreciate.

    For over two decades, TopRank Marketing has been honored to help a wide array of the world’s top B2B marketers and major brands elevate and go beyond merely being competitive, to standing out from the crowd with a variety of creative, award-winning successes. In this spirit, we like to regularly take time to congratulate and honor business marketers, thought leaders, industry influencers as well as our own talented team members who have recently seen career advancement.

    When B2B marketers take on new leadership roles, it’s only natural to seek out trusted resources to help professionals in new positions hit the ground running, and TopRank Marketing is happy to have been a go-to B2B content and influencer marketing agency for so many great marketers in new leadership roles. We are also always seeking out B2B technology industry influencers advancing in their careers to partner with on unique content collaborations.

    We extend congratulations to our B2B technology industry partners, clients, associates, friends and teammates in this fifth edition of B2B Marketers on the Move.

    B2B Marketers on the Move: May Movers

    Alan Muther
    Alan Muther has taken a new position as Senior SEO & Content Marketing Manager, at LinkedIn*.

    I am very happy to share that I’ve started a new position as Senior SEO & Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn! I’m very thankful to join a company that I’ve been an ambassador of since my early days at Florida State University.

    LinkedIn’s culture is all about transformation, integrity, collaboration, humor, and results. I am excited to be here and to contribute to the company’s mission: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

    Alexandra Wright
    Alexandra Wright has taken a new position as Head Of Marketing, at Mapware.

    Super thrilled to officially announce that I have joined the talented team at Mapware as the Head of Marketing.

    I couldn’t be more excited to share the magic of Mapware and our mission to make advanced geospatial intelligence available to everyone. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish!

    Alice Bedwell
    Alice Bedwell has been promoted to Marketing Executive — ABM, at Ometria.

    It’s more than email engagement & soft metrics. It’s about understanding customers and where they are in their purchase journey to ensure you and your team are supporting their needs in the most proactive way.

    Amanda M Pasiczny
    Amanda M Pasiczny has taken a new position as Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships, at ExecOnline.

    Thrilled to officially announce a new chapter in my career with ExecOnline and hoping Minneapolis Spring season follows!
    4/5ths of a decade, through two acquisitions, and a slew of truly incredible people/partners/clients has branded my time at Gartner quite a wonderful duration.
    I am immensely grateful to my fantastic leaders and teammates throughout my time calling Iconoculture/CEB/Gartner home. Thank you truly!
    I cannot wait to join the People and Mission of ExecOnline in the democratization of executive leadership development!

    Annett Murphy
    Annett Murphy has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer, at Critical Healthcare Ltd.

    eCommerce leaders need to think strategy first. As a strong advocate of a strategy first approach in all industry sectors including e-commerce, I believe in the need to let strategy be the framework to test creativity, businesses without a clearly defined strategy across all functional areas lack structure, data and insights to measure the impact of emerging creativity.

    Anthony Santa Maria
    Anthony Santa Maria has taken a new position as Marketing Manager, at Praxis Labs.

    Thrilled to share that I’ve joined Praxis Labs an immersive (think VR/AR) learning and analytics platform that drives actionable insights for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    I’m really excited for the opportunity to kick off the marketing team and ready to LEARN a lot. Open to any and all resources from anyone who is in a similar position.

    Bradley Cohen
    Bradley Cohen has taken a new position as Director, Corporate Product Marketing, at Oracle.

    Brian Provost
    Brian Provost has taken a new position as GM, at Yahoo.

    This week I start as GM at Yahoo. I’ve been reminded that no one’s ever taken a point of market share from Google. Let’s see if we can change that.

    Cassandra Clark
    Cassandra Clark has taken a new position as Senior Director, Demand Generation, at Zenput.

    Excited to kickoff my next adventure as Senior Director, Demand Generation at Zenput! There were not many companies I was willing to leave LinkedIn for, but this company checked all the boxes. Zenput is changing the game in restaurant operations. Even more impressive is the leadership team and people that work there. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead!

    Charlie Riley
    Charlie Riley has taken a new position as Global Demand Generation Director, at CybelAngel.

    Thrilled to announce I’ve joined the CybelAngel team to serve the #marketing team as the Global Demand Generation Director. I’m staying in #cybersecurity because data breaches will continue to grow.

    Carol-Lyn Jardine
    Carol-Lyn Jardine has taken a new position as Vice President Of Strategic Marketing, at Persado.

    Carol-Lyn has been featured on our TopRank Marketing blog several times, including in a Break Free B2B Marketing video interview alongside Heather Hurst, “Break Free B2B Series: Carol-Lyn Jardine and Heather Hurst on Effectively Managing Change in B2B Marketing.”

    I always try and make sure that when I'm going through change management, I assume good intent until it’s proven that I can't. @cljardine #BreakFreeB2B #ChangeManagement Share on X

    Christine Seymour
    Christine Seymour has been promoted to Senior Director of Strategy, Honeywell Connected Enterprise, at Honeywell.

    While title may be important, you can lead and influence from many spots on the org chart. So, embrace a career path that might zig-zag a little and choose your own adventure – even if you end up in different functions, marketing is everywhere. Just make sure you deeply understand your customer, and base decisions on that perspective – it pays off every time.

    Erica Chappell
    Erica Chappell has been promoted to Director of Content Marketing, at ClickUp.

    Georgia Cross
    Georgia Cross has taken a new position as Customer Success Manager, Digital working in MarTech + Shopper Marketing, at Inmar Intelligence.

    We’re all here to help each other, that is a childhood lesson I’ve learned that I brought into my personal life and in my career. I lead with that intent of…let’s get together, let’s figure out how we can work together and let’s make the world a better place

    Haithuy Nguyen
    Haithuy Nguyen has been promoted to Marketing Director, at Fungible.

    Heather Hurst
    Heather Hurst has taken a new position as Vice President of Marketing, at Canopy.

    Keep your network strong. Take that lunch or coffee meeting with current and former colleagues every time. You never know where those relationships will take your career and opportunities.

    Isla McKetta
    Isla McKetta has taken a new position as Director of Content, at Ookla.

    Amazing to see what progress can be made in improving technology that affects our daily lives – even during a global pandemic.

    Jacalyn Beales
    Jacalyn Beales has been promoted to Manager, Demand Generation, at Lever.

    Before you create and distribute, do you research. Get to know your audience. Get to know your buyer. And know the difference between stages of intent.

    Jason Inskeep
    Jason Inskeep has been promoted to AVP – 5G COE (Private Cellular, MEC, Edge), at AT&T.

    2022 will be a pivotal year for many organizations and 5G adoption. But their degree of success will greatly depend on how those organizations pair 5G with technology, like private cellular networks. Using the “just right mix” questions.

    Jason Schober
    Jason Schober has been promoted to Director, Content Marketing, at Circle.

    Jeff Davis
    Jeff Davis has taken a new position as Associate Director, Digital and Omnichannel Strategy, at AbbVie.

    More than ever, B2B companies must meet the demands of the modern buyer by better understanding how they actually buy and developing cohesive, easy-to-navigate buying experiences.

    Jeff has appear on our blog numerous times over the years, including as a featured contributor to our groundbreaking “2020 State of B2B Influencer Marketing Report from TopRank Marketing.”

    Jeremiah Owyang
    Jeremiah Owyang has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer, at RLY Network Association.

    As the new CMO of RLY Network Association, the first ask I took was: Market Research. I first surveyed the landscape documenting and detailing down insights about what competitors are doing, influencers, and of course, customers, in our case, web developers. I scored, sorted, prioritized and wrote down where the industry was, and presented the “state of” to the C-suite. Aligning this to the business goals, the roadmap literally fell right out that process, making it very clear on where I needed to head, and in what order. The insight isn’t a new one, it’s “look before you leap”. Now, to execute, I can’t wait to onboard web developers onto our product, RLY Protocol.

    Jessica Scheu
    Jessica Scheu has taken a new position as Social/Paid Media Specialist, at Optum.

    Jolina Pettice
    Jolina Pettice has been promoted to Sr. Director of Digital Marketing and Consumer Content, at HealthPartners.

    If you aren’t using data to inform your content strategy, what are you using? Gut feeling, testing, and / or creative epiphany should drive no more than 25% of your content efforts. The rest should be driven by understanding what content is resulting in conversions, assisted conversions, traffic from search and social, and what your audiences are looking for online in relation to your business offering.

    Jolina is a TopRank alumni and has been featured numerous times on our blog.

    Josh Spilker
    Josh Spilker has taken a new position as Director of Content, at Range.

    The better you are at content marketing and SEO, the worse off your email inbox will be. There’s a direct correlation.

    Kirby Wadsworth
    Kirby Wadsworth has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer, at Elevate Security.

    Kurt Lambert
    Kurt Lambert has taken a new position as Director, Strategic Accounts, at Quattr Inc.

    Page speed and overall website performance have always been areas that are near and dear to me. It’s more important than ever in the world of SEO, and can have major impacts beyond just organic strategies.

    Linda Pophal
    Linda Pophal has taken a new position as Digital Marketing Specialist, at Purdue University Center for Regional Development.

    Marketing and sales teams must share the same objective view of the marketplace, your target clients, and how you stack up against competitors. Having the process to do the research and share the results frequently will help both teams monitor and respond quickly to marketplace changes and target clients’ evolving needs.

    Lucy Zarlengo Moran
    Lucy Zarlengo Moran has taken a new position as Chief Marketing Officer, at Bonterra.

    My best career advice for young marketers is to keep your customer at the forefront of all that you do. It’s easy to get distracted by internal challenges and complexities, but focusing on what’s easiest for an internal team rather than what’s the best experience for the customer often leads to reduced credibility, poor experiences, and ultimately disloyal, unhappy customers.

    Lucy has been featured numerous times on our blog, including being listed in our “50 Influential Women in B2B Marketing Who Rocked in 2020.”

    Maya Kaplan Barkay
    Maya Kaplan Barkay has taken a new position as Vice President Marketing, at EverC.

    Omar Al-Sinjari
    Omar Al-Sinjari has been promoted to Senior Director Of Customer Marketing, at Honeywell Advanced Sensing Technologies.

    Find your learning niche – most recently for me it is listening to audiobooks and walking. I alternate between one book for me and one book for my career. Currently listening to “The First 90 Days” by Michael D. Watkins

    Samantha Kelly
    Samantha Kelly has taken a new position as Women’s Inspire Network Program Director, at Wedo.

    Self care is crucial – You can’t run your business without looking after your own mental health. When you are well, strong and healthy then your business will be the same.

    Steve Watt
    Steve Watt has taken a new position as Director, Market Insights | Social Selling SME, at Seismic.

    In B2B the stakes are higher, the decisions more complex, and outcomes less certain. And this means trust reigns supreme. When stakes are high, the decisions complex, and outcomes uncertain, trust is paramount. Brand is trust at scale. And it’s a different world when you are truly trusted.

    Todd Friesen
    Todd Friesen has taken a new position as VP of Global SEO, at Vimeo.

    Leaders stand in front of their team in the bad times and behind them in the good. Take the blame and pass on the credit. Your team should be the key to your career just as you are to theirs. Selfish growth is limited. Shared growth is boundless.

    Venus Wills
    Venus Wills has been promoted to VP of Brand and Corporate Marketing, at Tanium.

    One of the best ways for cybersecurity professionals to stay on top of the game is to attend security conferences.

    Vivian Kobeh Palacio
    Vivian Kobeh Palacio has taken a new position as Group Head of External Communications and PR, at BAI Communications.

    Thanks To Each of These Leaders For Helping Elevate the B2B Marketing Industry

    We extend many thanks to each of the talented B2B marketing professionals we’ve featured here who have recently been promoted or taken new industry positions. We’re certain that you’ll elevate and reach new heights when it comes to the performance you’ll deliver in your new roles.

    You can find our previous edition of B2B Marketers on the Move here.

    If you’re looking for a new change of your own, be sure to check out our own list of current job openings at TopRank Marketing on our careers page.

    *LinkedIn is a TopRank Marketing client.