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B2B Marketing Tips From SES SF

Posted on Aug 20th, 2010
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    B2B Marketing TipsWhat’s the quickest way to catch a fish? Offer the right bait.

    What’s the quickest way to get a B2B marketer to an SES session? Title it ‘B2B Marketing Tips.’

    What’s the quickest way to get you to read this post? By diving right in to the top 5 tips shared:

    1. Your conversion goals must become more sophisticated**
      Yes, probably even yours.  For the simple reason that you should always be testing and always be experimenting with something new.  The keywords that convert today may transform into completely new derivations tomorrow.  Always be tracking and always be testing.
    2. Segment transactional from educational keywords*
      Keywords that drive sales tomorrow will rarely match the keywords that drive inquiries today.  Your transactional keywords are your bottom of the funnel phrases that represent a user closest to the buying cycle, while educational keywords are top of the funnel phrases used by someone looking for more information.  Third party tools and research can help identify what keywords lead a user down the path to a sale, while looking at repeat visits in analytics can help identify keywords that are educational.
    3. Build custom strategies for transactional and educational keywords*
      Build different marketing strategies for different keywords. Working with transactional keywords?  Put as few barriers between the prospect and the sale as possible.  If you are working with educational keywords, developer softer offers via landing pages that freely provide information to hungry users.
    4. Start conversations in social networks via member profile targeting**
      As business professionals flock to social networks like LinkedIn, these same professionals can be reached via member profile targeting.  Target users with paid social campaigns by their likes, interests, workplaces and industries.  The offer needs to be nothing more than the invitation of conversation.   Bonus tip? Headlines with questions tend to generate a robust response rate.
    5. Don’t fear the multi-tier landing page***
      It can fly in the face of everything we believe to create a landing page that features multiple steps.  Some companies, however, have reported campaign response boost of more than 80% by transforming landing pages featuring one form to multi-tier pages that direct users to a landing page specifically targeted to their needs.  And the best part about these inquiries?  Once received, they are practically sales-ready.

    Thank you to the panel of this session, to whom the tips above have been attributed:

    Patricia Hursh, President, SmartSearch Marketing

    Lauren Vaccarello, Sr. SEM Manager,*
    Andrew Chang, Marketing Manager, LinkedIn**
    Scott Brinker, President & Chief Technology Officer, ion interactive***