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B2B Tech Marketing Opportunities for a Remote Work World

Posted on Dec 2nd, 2021
Written by Joshua Nite
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    Woman remote B2B marketer with baby and laptop image.

    Right now my co-worker is curled up at my feet, delicately snoring. That’s better than yesterday, when my other co-worker snuck off and shredded an entire roll of paper towels.

    I should mention that I work at home, and Remy and Rosie are my co-workers:

    Dogs Image

    Which is to say: Remote work is a whole different animal than office work. And while the pandemic was the catalyst that sent us home, remote work will be here long after it’s safe to go back to the office.

    For B2B tech companies, remote work presents new opportunities for products and services. Here are a few trends our agency has been seeing, and how our clients have met them.

    Remote Work Marketing Opportunities for B2B Tech Companies

    Businesses that slapped together a remote work policy last year, in crisis mode, are ready to reassess. They need to know how to make remote and hybrid workforces just as efficient and productive as an in-office model. B2B tech companies can bring a ton of value to that discussion.

    Future of Work

    At the top of the funnel, business leaders are looking for answers about what the future might hold for their workforce. Tech companies can draw on insight from both their client bases and the industry at large to answer these questions.

    Our client Mitel has a beautiful guide about what comes next — and, really, what’s happening now. It’s called, appropriately enough, “The Now of Work.” When you scroll through the asset, you’ll see a focus on practical guidance from the Mitel team and from respected technology experts.

    Content marketing like this helps start the conversation with potential clients. It offers valuable, useful advice that can help build a relationship.

    Collaboration and People Skills

    A little further down in the funnel are businesses that have the basics of remote work figured out, but are looking to maximize collaboration and productivity. This is where a tech company can offer advice that goes beyond tech solutions — you can talk about the process and people sides of the equation, too.

    For example, Smartsheet just published the first couple of blogs in a new series: #FruitfulWork. This blog and social media series will bring practical advice on collaborating with different types of workers, from the detail-oriented to the big-picture person to the procrastinator. 

    Since Smartsheet is a platform that enables collaboration, it makes sense for them to talk about the psychological component of collaboration, too. And it gives the brand a chance to try something playful while still remaining helpful and professional.  

    Communication Technology

    Toward the bottom end of the funnel, you have businesses that are ready to upgrade their technology to facilitate remote work. They know the right tech is an essential part of the equation, but they may not know what’s possible and which solution is right for their needs.

    To reach this group, focus on customer stories. Show these solutions in action — don’t just talk about the features and benefits. If you don’t have customer stories to draw from, lean on the storytelling angle. What does a workflow look like for Janice, the poor harried customer service worker, who is trying to work from home? What could it look like if Janice had an integrated communications platform to support her?

    This episode of the Tech Unknown Podcast, from SAP*, does a good job of bringing the story to life. It combines influencer advice with fun sketches that contrast the frustration of bad communication with the elation of a great experience.

    Bring Heart to Tech Marketing

    The big takeaway from what our agency is seeing: People are desperately seeking advice about remote work, and there is still plenty of white space available for great content. Just make sure to keep your focus on the customer and story rather than features and benefits. Valuable content for every stage of the funnel will help you become a trusted advisor, and ultimately a vendor partner.

    Read more about how Mitel smashed through benchmarks with their remote work campaign.

    * SAP is a TopRank Marketing client