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That’s A Wrap: Top Takeaways From 2019’s B2B Marketing Exchange

Posted on Mar 4th, 2019
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • That’s A Wrap: Top Takeaways From 2019’s B2B Marketing Exchange
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    Last week the TopRank Marketing team had the opportunity to attend the annual B2B Marketing Exchange conference in Scottsdale, AZ. This event featured insights from speakers on everything from marketing for the greater good to encouraging true alignment between sales and marketing teams.

    For those of you who weren’t able to attend (or who attended but didn’t have a chance to see everything), here are our top insights from this great event.

    B2B Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

    TopRank Marketing CEO Lee Odden helped attendees break free of boring B2B marketing when he took the stage and shared examples of brands that are winning with content that excites their audience. Here are some of the key takeaways:

    Ahead of B2BMX, the TopRank Marketing collaborated with B2BMX speakers to create this fun new asset that features advice on how exactly brands can break free of boring marketing:


    Click Here to see the Break Free from Boring B2B Guide in Full-Screen Mode


    Top Takeaways From B2BMX

    Bye-Bye Boring B2B

    Interactive Influencer Content Marketing

    TopRank Marketing’s Lee Odden shares insights into ways that brands can create interactive, influencer-driven experiences to delight their audiences.

    Can Marketing Save the World?

    3M’s Carlos Abler gave a fantastic keynote that covered a variety of ways B2B marketers can approach marketing to increase their impact on customers, prospects and the world.

    Oracle’s Account-Based (Marketing) Initiative

    Oracle's Kelvin Gee at B2BMX

    ABM is a topic on the mind of every marketer these days. But many of us are still unsure exactly how to approach it. If you’re looking to get started, be sure to check out these key learnings from Oracle’s account-based strategy.

    Sales & Marketing Alignment

    We all know we need sales and marketing alignment, but the road to alignment is often an uphill battle. If you’re looking for a way to gain immediate traction, this post offers insights into ways you can foster the collaboration, love, and alignment needed to drive results.

    The Future (& Present of Marketing)

    Technologies and customer expectations are constantly evolving. And great marketers, not only embrace these changes but aim to stay ahead of them. In this post, you’ll find 3 ways to future-proof your marketing strategy.

    The Value of Martech & Automation

    Liz Cope at B2BMX

    At a time where marketers are being challenged to deliver more personalized, customer-centric experiences to create connections and drive results, there is an opportunity to find ways to automate marketing efforts in a way that humanizes the experience. Find out how.

    Thank You B2BMX!

    Thank you to all the amazing speakers and attendees that made B2BMX an amazing event! If you had the opportunity to attend, please share your favorite moments in the comments below.