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B2C Mobile Marketing Tips to Strike Marketing Gold

Posted on May 4th, 2015
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Confession: I am an email junkie. Ok, more accurately, I have is a strong appreciation for a well-crafted email campaign. My favorite types of emails to receive are on the topics of digital marketing, apparel and food.

    I’m Not the Only One
    Sorry marketers, the statistics don’t lie. Here’s a couple to whet your appetite:

    • 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check email (Gartner)
    • 51% of email opens are on mobile devices (Litmus)
    • 68% of Gmail and Yahoo opens are coming from mobile devices (Litmus)

    Unfortunately, other email marketers are not the only sources vying for the attention of your consumers. Mobile users have access to a seemingly limitless list of apps, content and sources for information.

    As a busy consumer and marketer (which is exemplified by the number of unread emails in my personal inbox), I am quick to signup to receive email communications, but selective in which ones I actually read and act upon. Let’s dive a little bit deeper in the head-turning elements that make for a successful B2C email marketing campaign.

    Who is the Email From?
    Unless there is an individual or “brandividual” that is associated with the brand, send the email from the name of your company. When mobile users are scanning their email inbox, they’ll be looking for updates or offers from the names of brands that they’ve subscribed to.

    email marketing from

    Keep Headlines Succinct & Meaningful
    Depending on the device that consumers are using, the number of characters that they will see in their email client will differ. First consider how many characters would be visible in their email snippet that is seen prior to actually opening the email. Believe it or not, that number can be as low as 15 characters. Next, you’ll need to inspect the length of the full subject line based on popular devices. Subject line displays also vary significantly by device.

    Personally, I’m a sucker for a well-written headline that helps solve a problem, is aligned with my lifestyle or I can create a personal connection with. For example, Express, Chipotle and Content Marketing Institute have all sent me emails within the last week that fall under one of the categories above.

    email marketing headlines

    Use Eye-Catching Visuals
    One of the key components of most B2C email marketing campaigns is the visuals. Once you’ve persuaded a consumer to open the email, it is essential that they stay engaged.

    The visuals contained within the email should match the promise or message that was delivered in the email headline.

    email marketing visuals

    Email marketers also need to ensure that the visuals (and content) are optimized for different screen sizes. The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Resolutions provides a helpful overview of optimizing images for iPhones.

    Be prepared for image blocking. Some devices and email clients will automatically (or based on user settings) block images from appearing in email campaigns. One option for overcoming this hurdle is making sure that the ALT Text used to label images aligns with the content of your email.

    Season Content With Simplicity & Flair
    Email content should be effortless for consumers to scan on-the-go. Use a combination of hard-hitting bullet points and bold statements to inspire action.

    Be mindful of the size of the headline and body text. You may want to consider making this text substantially larger than normal, so that it is easy to see on a mobile device.

    Above All, Make CTAs Stand Out
    Undoubtedly, the Call to Action (CTA) is the most important part of an email. The entire reason you went to all the trouble of making an email campaign is to persuade consumers to act upon the message.

    CTAs should be pronounced, spaced significantly and easy to read. When you’re including multiple CTAs in one email, the copy and visuals must be orchestrated in a way that clearly separates which CTA belongs to a specific offer or message.

    email marketing cta

    Give the People What They Want!
    Ultimately, email marketing data is going to tell you when you’ve hit gold or felt flat. As is a best practice with any email campaign, begin running A/B tests for mobile to see what garners the best results.

    What email marketing campaigns (good or bad) have resonated with you as a consumer? What have you found has worked best in your mobile email marketing efforts?

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