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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs 083107

Posted on Aug 31st, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    SEO Blogs

    We are now back to our regular schedule of Friday updates to TopRank’s BIGLIST of SEO blogs. Not to be confused with qwerty’s “The Kind of Smallish List of Sort of Search Marketing Blogs”. 🙂

    • Lorna Li Green 2.0 – Black is back in this blog design and I think it works. Lorna Li is a MBA grad with a passion for SEO, PPC and SMO as well as for environmental awareness and sustainability with blog posts reflecting both interest areas.
    • Apple Pie & Custard – UK based Kelvin Newman, Eloi Casali and Damon Lightley from Site Visibility blog personal and professional insights into SEM, social media and PPC.
    • EngineWorks Blog -  Here we have a blog with a clean design working seamlessly with the company web site from EngineWorks, a search marketing firm out of Portland Oregon.  Posts are for the most part written by Sean McMahon and Kent Schnepp focused on general search marketing topics, news, Google and SEO.
    • 97th Floor SEO Blog – Chris Bennett and Mat Siltala of 97th Floor offer up their personal insights on search marketing which is refreshing as there are plenty of “SEM news” blogs out there already. The blog is well optimized and integrated into the main web site and likely contributes as an effective lead generation tool.
    • Ignite Social Media – Ignite is a social media consultancy with the company web site running as a blog. Topics logically emphasize social media with some optimization flavorings. More information on the post authors and a fix to the 404 on the job openings page would be nice.
    • SponsoredReviews Blog – Not so much a SEO or PPC blog, SponsoredReviews provides blogging and advertising tips which do enter into the SEO space a bit. The “what if SEOs mated” post is hilarious.

    Something to consider, but by no means required, is showing off the good news with a BIGLIST badge!