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Blog Award Results

Posted on Jun 27th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Marketing Sherpa quickly announced the winners of their blog awards today. After a snafu with the voting service, voting was extended until Monday. Winners included:

    Best Podcast on the topic of Marketing
    Joseph Jaffe

    Best B-to-B Marketing Blog
    Brian Carroll

    Best Blog on Email Marketing
    Chris Baggott

    Best Blog on Search Marketing
    Barry Schwartz and friends

    Best Blog on Advertising
    Steve Hall

    Best Blog on Marketing to a Specific Consumer Demographic
    Andy Wibbels

    Best blog on Affiliate Marketing
    ReveNews Group Blog

    Best Blog on the Topic of PR
    Matt “PodBoy”

    Best Blog on Small Business Marketing
    John Jantsch

    Best Foreign-Language Blog
    Marketing-Blog Biz

    Best Blog on General Marketing Topics
    Seth Godin

    Congratulations to the winners! Stuff like this can get you some good exposure. Like the links above 🙂

    Since the nominations in several categories were rather “light”, hopefully those that did not nominate themselves will do so next year. The same blogs seem to be winning every year and there’s no reason for that to change unless the nominees change. There were also several blogs that I had not heard of that I’ve added to my too-long list of RSS feeds which is a good thing.

    For whatever reason, Marketing Sherpa insists on calling some blogs, including mine, by the wrong name. They used, “Top Rank” instead of “Online Marketing Blog”. I guess that’s a lesson to be learned in choosing a domain name and name of a blog.