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Blog Marketing Tips

Posted on Jan 20th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Here are a few quick tips we’ve used to rank #1 on Google for targeted terms as well as increase the number of unique visitors to this blog 300% in the past month. However, execution and timing are key.

    1. Be sure your blog template is optimized for search engines like you would a web site

    2. Submit the blog everywhere you would submit a web site: search engines, directories, linking, etc

    3. Submit the blog to blog and RSS search engines, directories and news aggregators

    4. Use Technorati tags in your blog posts and bookmark your posts in and even flickr your product images – folksonomies are your future

    5. Ping your blog posts to all major blog/RSS aggregators with each post – automate this if you can

    6. Post a summary of your blog to your website using a service like and link to it from your site map

    7. Issue keyword optimized press releases citing links to your site and blog every month or so as you have news to report

    There’s more but this is good for now. Happy blog marketing!