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Blogging is NOT a Crime

Posted on Sep 1st, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    By now you’ve certainly read about the BS lawsuit Traffic Power has issued against Aaron Wall. The Wall Street Journal, Slashdot and many others have picked up this story.

    Aaron has a Online Marketing Blog/2005/08/this-is-just-wrong-traffic-power-sues.html”>LOT of support. Looks like he’s standing up for principle and going to fight it. Threadwatch has a post about those details and about how you can contribute to this cause.

    Somewhat Frank has posted some very useful links regarding what blogger rights. Also, I don’t want it misconstrued that my support for Aaoron means I think it’s ok to defame or libel companies on blogs, because I don’t. The issue here is that there is a big difference between explaining your personal opinion and experience and doing the things TP is alleging.

    I do hope that, should this not go to court, that Aaron also considers sending any unused funds to the Red Cross or similar for Katrina victims.