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Blogs Are Like Cupcakes…

Posted on Jun 11th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    Do you like cupcakes? Who doesn’t? But what is it about a cupcake that makes you love it? And how do cupcakes relate to blogs?


    Fancy Cupcake

    Lets start with the presentation. Most cupcakes catch your eye because of how they look. Maybe it’s the coloring of frosting or the overall design. This is the first impression and it’s important that the cupcake speaks to the right audience.

    Now when you have a blog, the same holds true. When someone visits a blog, the first reaction is on the look and feel, the colors, the layout. Is it visually appealing?

    Sure, cupcakes and blogs are about more than just the look and feel, but sometimes people can’t get past an ugly one.


    Chocolate Cupcakes

    Maybe it’s how you feel once you’ve consumed one. Eat one good cupcake and you’re bound to have another. Eat a great cupcake and chances are you’ll tell a friend about it.

    Reading a blog post should leave the visitor satisfied and happy. Readers should want to share it, bookmark it and come back.

    No one is ever going to tell their friends about a generic boring cupcake, so why would they share a generic blog post?


    Giant Cupcake

    And what about the size of that cupcake? Is it bite sized where you can consume the whole thing in seconds? Is it so big that you’re overwhelmed just looking at it. Or is it a good size that you’ll feel good after eating it and not sick from sugar overload?

    Blog posts are the same way. It’s easy to consume a lot of smaller posts, but they’re not always as satisfying. A long post, with tons of detail, can be so overwhelming that readers don’t even want to start reading it. But then there is that happy middle where you give not to little, but not too much, that makes it the perfect size for your readers.

    Delicious Cupcake

    You see, blogs are like cupcakes. Visitors will judge them on the look, how satisfied they are after consuming it, and on the portion size.

    Now would be a good time to go look at your blog and figure out if you’ve got a tasty cupcake that people will love, or if you’ve got to go back to the kitchen and re-work the ingredients.