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BMW Site Gets Spanked by Google

Posted on Feb 6th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    Notice to search marketers: Your brand will not save you from the consequences of screwing with search engines. Lots of fun commentary on this one:

    Google blacklists – CNET

    Ramping up on international webspam – Matt Cutts of Google

    BMW cheats search-engines, Google removes it from search results – Boing Boing

    For Matt Cutts to point out a crackdown on international search spam, I suspect there has been a lot of it going on un-checked. Or at least not under as much scruitiny as English language sites.

    Time for to clean up their act and brush up on steps to a re-inclusion request.

    I wonder how BMW Public Relations is going to handle this? Do you think they’ll “out” the SEO?

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