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Bye Bye

Posted on Oct 20th, 2005
Written by Lee Odden
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    Thomas has put together a nice plan for the move from Blogger to WordPress and I can’t wait. I’ve been making noise about moving for months now. Along with a new blog CMS, there will be an updated design for Online Marketing Blog, plus a new URL which I will announce as soon as I confirm.

    We plan on transferring everything next week and hopefully it will go well.

    This blog started out at the end of 2003 pretty much as a bookmarking tool of resources and news more than anything. I’ve reserved to continue doing that, just not here. The links blog is at Online Marketing Resources.

    Anyone doubting the benefits of using a blog for promotion is uninformed, period. This blog has been instrumental in earning my SEO firm plenty of new business, gaining speaking and writing engagements, networking in the industry, getting quoted in publications like US News and DM News, attracting and recruiting new staff and most of all to share resources, opinions and news.

    Now it’s time to grow up to a new design, better content management system and domain name. Wish me luck.