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Digital Marketing News: YouTube’s Bubble-Under Suggestions, New B2B Studies, & Making Marketing More Human

Posted on Jan 18th, 2019
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: YouTube’s Bubble-Under Suggestions, New B2B Studies, & Making Marketing More Human
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    2019 January 18 Digital Vidya Chart Image

    Best B2B Content: Analysis and Insights from Over 50,000 Articles
    B2B content marketing produced some shining examples and strong results during 2018, and BuzzSumo has parsed through more than 50,000 posts to find examples of the best, along with an examination of some of the factors that helped the strongest B2B content rise. BuzzSumo

    YouTube is testing new, blue recommendation bubbles that appear under videos
    YouTube has begun testing a new type of video recommendation and filtering system, with under-video suggestion bubbles for both mobile and desktop users, a move aimed at improving the video giant’s often-maligned automated recommendations. The Verge

    Study: Two-Thirds Of B2B Brands Are Pushing Digital Transformation
    Nearly two-thirds of B2B brands are making efforts to implement the type of digital transformation that improves the customer experience, according to recent survey data, one of several insights of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

    2019 Email Marketing Statistics: We Analyzed 1,000 Emails from Today’s Top Experts
    Email marketers have long questioned what works best, from the optimal length of subject lines and body content to capitalization differences and the use of emoticons, and a recent study takes a look at several success stories. AWeber

    Snapchat’s CFO Is Resigning After Less Than a Yea
    Snapchat announced this week that its chief financial officer Tim Stone — formerly a 20-year veteran of Amazon — has resigned, after spending less than a year with the firm, the latest of several departures. AdWeek

    How Epic is empowering smaller studios to harness influencer marketing
    Gamemaker Epic Games has increasing turned to its own form of influencer marketing to boost campaign performance, in addition to utilizing solely more traditional YouTube and Twitch stars, and Venture Beat takes a look. Venture Beat

    2019 January 18 iScribblers Statistics Image

    Premium non-skippable video can offer brands stronger messaging opportunities, new study finds
    Tailoring messaging specifically to the increasingly-used unskippable video ad format can boost brand awareness, according to recently-released study data, one of several findings relevant to digital marketers. The Drum

    Why brands need to make 2019 their most human year ever
    Bringing a more human connection to brand marketing in the face of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual and augmented reality can be path to increasing success. Fast Company takes a look at several recent examples. Fast Company

    How to Approach Search Marketing Using PPC Advertising and SEO Services
    Paid search advertisements that offer the most relevant information and answers see the highest success, while the importance of tailoring messaging for specific search engines also boosts paid results, according to recently-released survey data. Clutch

    Your Guide to Video Marketing: Crack the Video Code [Infographic]
    Video’s prominence in today’s marketing campaigns shows few signs of diminishing, and as more marketers embrace video the importance of targeting hits front and center, as a recent infographic examines. MarketingProfs


    2019 January 18 Marketooist Cartoon

    A lighthearted look at customer experience by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Christmas Really Over, Man Realizes As iPhone Game Switches Out Holiday Icon — The Onion


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