B2B Influencer Marketing Services


Your B2B prospects and customers aren’t just target buyers. They’re real people—people searching for information and solutions they can trust. And in a time of skepticism, ad-blocking, and content proliferation, they’re looking to their peers and industry leaders for the real scoop.

This means there’s never been a bigger opportunity to collaborate with industry influencers to deliver your audience with trustworthy, insightful content that informs, entertains, resonates, and inspires.

But B2B influencer marketing success isn’t rooted in partnering with influencers who boast enormous social followings. Why? Because influence isn’t defined by follower counts—it’s defined by the ability to affect action.




Whether your organization is a rising star or an established brand, competition for audience attention has never been more fierce. Buyers are in control of their journeys, and as they look for insight and solutions, you can extend your reach and authority with the help of influencers. Learn how our integrated influencer content campaign for Cherwell Software helped them drive awareness and engagement.

437% increase in YoY content shares
100% influencer amplification rate
170% increase in anchor asset pageviews over benchmark


Influencer Relations

At its core, influencer marketing is all about brands engaging and developing relationships with individuals who have the relevant topical expertise, reach, and resonance that aligns with the goals of the brand. This makes smart influencer relations crucial for identifying, recruiting, and nurturing the right influencers and creating mutual value.


Influencer Content Co-Creation

Content is the foundation of marketing, and it’s at the core of our B2B influencer marketing services. When you co-create content with influencers, you provide influential experts with a medium to share valuable insights, and give your audience with a mix of perspectives—upping your storytelling capabilities and credibility.


Influencer Activation

When you create phenomenal content—content that satisfies your mutual audiences’ information needs and wants, and highlights the insights and expertise of your influencer partners—influencers (and their audiences) will want to share it.


Integrated B2B Influencer Content Campaigns

Our B2B influencer content campaigns are designed to rally influencers around a topic that is core to your mission and marketing objectives, and their expertise. Along with a strategic mix of multiple tactics, a campaign allows you to spike buzz, awareness, and engagement around a specific initiative. If your B2B brands is just starting to recognize the power of co-creating content with industry experts, an integrated influencer content campaign is a great starting point.


Always-On B2B Influencer Integrated Content Programs

Your brand needs a steady, drumbeat of credible, optimized, and socialized content to consistently reach your customers and prospects whenever and wherever they’re searching.

Always-on B2B influencer integrated content programs  provide that steady drumbeat of content, while fostering ongoing influencer engagement, co-creation, and amplification. This means you’re able to make influencers an integrated component of your content marketing strategy.